Tuesday 14 May 2013

Nevada Base - Foresight review

Nevada Base are back with a fantastic new release Forseight which appears on the Black Lantern label, a label you should all be checking out. I was first introduced to Nevada Base when they supported New Build at the Captain's Rest in Glasgow last year and I was blown away by them to be perfectly honest. I was certainly excited to see New Build but Nevada Base managed to steal my attention from the main act. If you get the chance to see them live then make sure you go.

To the new ep then (cover above) on which Foresight is the lead track. In previous press Nevada Base have been talked of as influenced by DFA acts and having a Talking Heads feel and whilst these elements are present here there is much more to Nevada Base than than. Albert's vocals have a David Byrne feel to them and musically there is certainly an LCD Soundsystem/Talking Heads vibe there but there are bits of disco, synthpop and even a little bit of funk and plenty of cowbell which is of course a very good thing. Overall if we are to draw a comparison to something I'd say Foresight reminds me of Eno's Before and After Science album in feel and mood.

The song itself is propelled by a top notch bass line which demands that you move to the music. It starts off at a gentle pace building to a belting chorus, exploding into synthy gorgeousness and even throwing in a vocoder part and that's just the first two minutes. There's a lot going on here but it all works. It's a great track and I highly recommend you get it. The b-side (in old money) is Hindsight is a slower, dubbier track which is more electronic than Foresight and borrows nicely from the main tracks melody. Clever stuff. There are two remixes of Foresight here too. First up there is Magic Daddy's Quantum Enmanglement which is a remix by Magic Daddy of both Magic Daddy and Machines in Heaven fame. This is a cracking remix that splashes Magic Daddy's brand of electronica all over the lead track and I mean that in a good way. Last up is the Raketenbus Remix which is a slow building almost wholly electronic take on the track by former member Johannes. Both remixes are excellent takes on the track.

Overall, the Foresight ep is a top notch and hopefully a sign of things to come from Nevada Base. You really should go and get it. I've added the links below.


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