Tuesday 23 July 2013

Breathing In Fumes - A Depeche Mode podcast

A very quick post about my friend Glen Hammarstrom's fantastic Depeche Mode podcast called Breathing in Fumes. Podcast number 6 is about to be released and is a must listen for all Depeche fans.

As well as classic Depeche tracks the podcast also contains rare remixes, live tracks and interviews. Podcast number 5 contained a clip of Peter Hook claiming Depeche ripped off New Order's Touched By The Hand of God for Enjoy The Silence - yeah right. Anyway, go and grab all 5 podcasts and eagerly await number 6. If you're a Depeche fan you'll love it.

Follow Breathing In Fumes on Facebook, Twitter and even see what Glen has to say on his Twitter page (warning - he's a vinyl geek so that's really all you'll get there). The podcast can be found here or on ITunes.

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