Monday 12 August 2013

Depeche Mode Limited Edition 12" giveaway

Ok, so the title of this blog is perhaps a bit more impressive than the content but I do have a rare Depeche Mode 12" to give away. The record is L12BONG3, the Everything Counts limited edition 12" featuring the single version of Everything Counts and 4 live tracks recorded at the Hammersmith Odeon on 25th October 1982 - New Life, Boys Say Go!, Nothing To Fear and The Meaning of Love

These 12" singles were numbered limited editions and this one is number J/0688. The only drawback is that the sleeve is slightly water damaged. I know most people (me included) prefer mint versions of records so I want to make the slight damage point perfectly clear. The vinyl itself is perfect -  I played it last night all the way through to make sure. Here are some pictures:

As you'll see numbers 2 and 3 show the sleeve in all its'....erm....glory. Anyway, like me a couple of years back you may need this to fill a hole in your collection so this may be ideal for you. Since I got the record it has been kept in a sleeve in one of my record boxes so it has been looked after well by at least one of its' owners. 


The winner is Paul Jameson - congratulations Paul!

Thanks very much to all of you that entered

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