Thursday 3 October 2013


When I wrote about Glasgow's electronic scene recently I mentioned that another act to look out for was Atom Tree. At the time of writing that I'd heard a couple of tracks which had caught my attention and they certainly promised much for the future. The band are now set to release their first e.p. through new label to watch Hotgem and it really is something all electronic music fans should pick up.

Atom Tree are a two piece band from Glasgow fronted by Shaun Canning. If you're a fan of the likes of Jon Hopkins then this is certainly for you though for me there's more to the band than that - I hear echoes of Sigur Ros, Music For Airports era Eno and there are even poppy melodies at play which (I guess as usual) take me to Vince Clarke's early works. So what of the e.p. then? Opener Die For Your Love ( ) is a fantastic of woozy electronics and treated piano sounds that really grabs you from he off. It'll stay in your head for days once you hear it. Desired Effects is track 2 and features vocals from Fergus Cook of Discopolis. Starting off like an electronic version of Frightened Rabbit at their most laid back,  the song blossoms into a marvellously laid back almost poppy sound with the beautiful vocal from Fergus interplaying perfectly with the music. This track is the standout for me and it deserves a lot of attention. Title track Tide of Thorns is up next and this is the one that brought to mind Music For Airports with it's vocal samples and general feel. It's a track you can lost in. Finally we have the perfectly positioned PS which in the same way it closes the e.p. should be the song Atom Tree finish each live set on, as it is perfect for that role - a great end to the e.p.

Overall then it's hard not to get excited by Atom Tree and once you hear this e.p. you'll see what I mean. The band have a few live shows lined up at the moment (19 October CCA, Glasgow being the next one) with more to come in the near future.Excitingly, the band have today announced a show in Berlin at Cookies on 30 November. Given that city's love of electronic music they are bound to go down well. Check out the Facebook etc links below and make sure you investigate this band further

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