Sunday 27 July 2014


On June 19 2014, a new park opened in Glasgow near the city's legendary Barrowland ballroom (the Barras) called Barrowland Park. The centrepiece of the park is the Jim Lambie designed album pathway which lists the names of every band that has played at the Barras since 1983 and the date they played there

Obviously, there was only one reason I wanted to go there. Well, one main reason that is, as I had tremendous fun looking for the many gigs I've seen at the Barras. The main reason was to find the Depeche Mode entry commemorating their gig on 16 October 1984 on the Some Great Reward tour. It took some time, but here it is

That gig is the only one Depeche have played at the Barras. Believe me, it's one of the best venues on earth and to see them there is a long held dream of mine and all Scottish Depeche Mode fans. Given their size though, it's unlikely that'll ever happen. On 16 October 1984, they played:

Master & Servant(into)/Something To Do/Two Minute Warning/Puppets/If You Want/People Are People/Leave In Silence/New Life/Shame/Somebody/Ice Machine/Lie To Me/Blasphemous Rumours/Told You So/Master & Servant/Photographic/Everything Counts/See You (Encore 1)/Shout/Just Can't Get Enough(Encore 2)

I have a fairly poor quality recording of the show, but even from that I can tell it was one of those special nights at the Barras. Listen yourself here

Anyway, how cool to have a Depeche Mode tribute right in the city centre of Glasgow. Next time you're here take a walk along and try and find it.

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