Tuesday 23 September 2014


Record Store Day's upstart younger sibling, Cassette Store Day is back this coming Saturday and features a whole host of exclusive cassette only releases from the likes of Karen O, Best Coast, The Wedding Present (a personal favourite of mine) and Olive Grove Records' Jo Mango. Independent record shops up and down the land will be selling cassettes and if you're in Glasgow there's no better place to be than the city's premiere record shop Love Music who will be hosting three live bands on the day itself - Boygirlanimalcolour, Gone Wishing and Behold, The Old Bear.

All three of those artists will be releasing Cassette Store Day exclusives too through Scottish Fiction which, you should all know by now, is the best Scottish music blog out there. Boygirlanimalcolour are releasing their debut single Jupiter Fist backed with Cable Tie on a limited edition run of 50 cassettes. Jupiter Fist is a cracking song, blasting along in a riot of squalling guitars and it's well worth seeking out one of the 50 cassettes. 

Gone Wishing and Behold, The Old Bear split the other release with three tracks each; The Watchers, Hoist Your Head Into The Light and Nothing & Nowhere from Gone Wishing and Restless Days, Demons In Love and Seven, Maybe Eight from Behold, The Old Bear. Both sets of songs are really interesting, displaying both bands' unique talents perfectly.

Cassette Store Day is a cool, quirky thing and deserves support. I used to love buying tapes when I was younger and basically kept One Up in Aberdeen in business in the 90's by constantly raiding their second hand tape stash. Get yourselves along to Love Music or your local shop on Saturday and enjoy the day.


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