Wednesday 12 November 2014


I know you all listen to Breathing In Fumes (and if you don't you should) but did you know that the man behind the Podcast, Mr Glen Hammarstrom, also hosts a web radio show called Disappear? On that show, Glen usually plays a load of deep house records but for a one off special on what I'm going to call far too early on a Wednesday morning UK time 12 November, but what was no doubt lateish evening Modesto, California time 11 November, he changed it around and played a Depeche Mode only mix show.

For those of us who don't live in a time zone where listening live was possible, Glen has kindly uploaded the show to allow anyone and everyone to listen whenever and wherever they want. The tracklist is:

Clean (Colder Version)
My Little Universe (Sante Remix)
Policy Of Truth 2014 (Cranky Owls Deep Touch Remix)
In Sympathy (Breathing In Fumes ReWork) (NB - This is Glen's own remix)
Enjoy The Silence (Live In Berlin)
Only When I Lose Myself (Gus Gus Long Play Mix)
Precious (U.S. Radio Version Glen Re-edit) (again, one of Glen's)
Dangerous (When I Am Mix)
Monument (Reggaelectric Mix)
World In My Eyes (Live: Los Angeles 1998)
Never Let Me Down Again (Cubicolor Remix)
Behind The Wheel (DJ Meme 2014 Remix)

A bloody marvellous collection of remixes basically. Go and get it here

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