Wednesday 17 December 2014


I was doing my usual work avoiding internet checking for Depeche Mode things the other day, and I came across a rather marvellous site run by Berlin based artist Dorit Bialer called I Want Everything which has a section where you can buy ready made custom toys in a box. So what you say? Well, Dorit is a huge Depeche Mode fan and she has made 5 Depeche Mode video tribute boxsets, all of which look incredible. I got in touch with Dorit to ask her a few questions.

Shake The Disease

APA: What first inspired you to start the Box series?

DB: The box series started in 2011 when I started portraying local Berliner types in boxes. After hearing Enjoy The Silence on day, I thought "why not create an Enjoy The Silence box?" After choosing that and putting it online, I got an invitation to participate in the Depeche Mode retrospective fan exhibition so for that, I made three more boxes 

APA: And why choose Depeche Mode for a series?

DB: They're my all time favourite band. I fell in love with them the first time I heard them as a thirteen year old punk in the Tel Aviv alternative scene and they are still a big part of my identity. I chose Enjoy The Silence as the first box because it's the band's most iconic song plus it's the first song of theirs I ever heard. My favourite DM song is Shake The Disease so that was the next box I created. I create boxes mainly based on the band's earlier years although I made one for Heaven recently as a fan requested that.

APA: Are there any more Depeche boxes planned?

DB: Yes there are. In January I will be releasing boxes for Never Let Me Down Again, Behind The Wheel and I Feel You

Master And Servant

The boxes cost 75 Euros plus shipping or can be collected directly from Dorit if you happen to be in Berlin. As well as the two boxes I've pictured, you can also currently buy boxes for the Heaven, World In My Eyes, Enjoy The Silence and It's No Good videos, the latter of which looks superb.

For more info on Dorit and all her projects check out her page above and then go and like her Facebook page too

Thansk very much to Dorit for the Q&A session and for letting me use the pictures

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