Monday 26 January 2015


It's well known to those of you that read this blog that I'm quite a fan of Enjoy The Silence, what with it being the greatest thing anyone has ever done in the history of music and all. Anyway, I thought I knew as much as I could possibly know about it until I discovered this alternative take on the video, which I had never seen before

It's listed on Youtube as official video but it isn't the landmark Anton Corbijn video that one would automatically associate with the song. This one seems to be an almost fully alternative take with many scenes that are similar to the original. I don't know how this video came to be but it's rather cool and an interesting watch. If anyone knows more if its history then please get in touch either here, on the Facebook page or on Twitter

I should add that I first read about this video on the Depeche Mode fansite Home ( which you really must visit. Go there now - or at least once you've looked through this site first ;)


So I have the answer. Daniel Barassi a.k.a Brat has confirmed that the video is compiled form some bootlegs vidoes of outtakes from the Enjoy The Silence video shoot. This video is therefore not official. So now we know. Thanks Daniel

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