Monday 23 February 2015


It seems that every time I look at Twitter or Facebook, I discover a new Glasgow based electronic band and for someone who tries to cover that sort of thing, that's excellent. Last night I came across Tongues and, by a rather marvellous coincidence, they've released new track Anymore today. Tongues are described on their website ( as "Bold Synths, Deep Subs and Vocoders" which pretty much nails it. With definite echoes of the likes of early Hot Chip, Tongues' debut track, Colours In The Dark, introduces the band perfectly. It's an instantly memorable track and one that has rightly been praised by anyone who's heard it

The follow up, Anymore, is a sparser, more minimal affair that combines electronics, beats and a superb chorus to quite wonderful effect. It's something that I'd recommend you go and hear straight away.

Tongues' debut gig is on 12 April at Broadcast in Glasgow and it's definitely one to get along to. For more information, check out their website above or the Facebook page (

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