Tuesday 14 July 2015


Bunny and The Invalid Singers are a project of Edinburgh based singer/artist Bunny and their new release on Bearsuit Records, The Invalid Singers, is my first taste of Bunny's unique and rather enjoyable music. From what I can hear, there are elements of sixties style pop, electronic music, industrial music and even classical music contained within this album. The album itself may well be bewildering in places on first listen, but repeated plays reveal more and more and, ultimately, you end up with something rather special. There are certain bands who I think this record shows traces of like Pavement or Einsturzende Neubauten whose work has a similar effect on this listener and that's no bad thing at all. 

The opening track from the album Ask The Man Inside Your Head recently featured on Almost Scottish Fiction Vol 4 (here) and was a welcome addition to the e.p. It seems to swerve between around 6 styles over its 4 and a half minutes but don't for a second let that put you off. It's a superb track as you can hear below

Throughout the album there are moments that are so inventive you can't help but love it and tracks like the title track itself (with vocals by Japanese singer Asuka Tanaka), Hallucinating Felt Beasts and The Putty Legs of Dusty McGuire are definitely among the most unique things I have heard in a long, long time. The latter surely has Song Title of The Year 2015 sown up too.

Go and check out The Invalid Singers on the links below and let Bunny into your world. It's an adventure you don't want to miss out on

The Invalid Singers by Bunny & The Invalid Singers is out now on Bearsuit Records and is available on cd and the usual digital outlets

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