Thursday 12 May 2016


Manchester's Your Silent Face are back with Red Rain a new e.p. and the first on their own label Tethys Records. The e.p. is a feast of electro goodness and the title track is a collage of acid bass, pounding almost industrial percussion and precision techno that is quite wonderful. You hear bits of Kraftwerk, D.A.F, Nitzer Ebb and more throughout and, if any of those bands mean anything to you, you'll love this. What is cool about this release is the diversity of the tracks. Red Rain's 9 minute plus techno explosion gives way to the darker, more early electronics feel of Kleinian Transform which initially sounds a bit like Kraftwerk and Giorgio Moroder having a fight in an industrial club before they make up and start dancing. It should be said that that is a very, very good thing. Scorched Earth ends the release on a even darker note, with serious sounding walls of beautiful electronics part soothing you, part unsettling you. It's one of those electronic tracks that moves you despite the darkness and it's quite brilliant. Listen for yourself below

Red Rain e.p. is a treat for fans of any electronic genre from techno to ambient. Highly recommended.

Red Rain ep by Your Silent Face is out now and is available through their Bandcamp page, on Beatport and on limited edition 12" distributed by Rubabdub Records in Glasgow

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