Wednesday 1 February 2017


The wait is over. The band's official site has confirmed this morning that the band's new single Where's The Revolution will be released on 3rd February which is only two days away. A snippet of the track was played at the band's Milan press conference last year and, as much as a snippet is not something to get excited about, it was exciting so I'm very much looking forward to the single. All signs point to something loud and political. Construction Time Again with guitars maybe?  Who knows. Come back on Friday for my inevitably over the top reaction that'll make me sound like a 16 year old. The single artwork can be seen below. As for any tracklist or release formats, nothing has been confirmed yet. I guess it'll be digital first with a physical release confirmed for a later date.

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The keen eyed among you will have seen two pictures above, The second is the cover of the new album Spirit which is coming out on March 17th. There's no other news about that just now from the official site though Dave gave away a little in an interview for Ukranian TV recently. It seems he's written 5 songs for the album, one of which is a co-write with Martin though who knows if all 5 will appear on the album itself or if some will be spread over a deluxe Delta Machine style release. He also mentions And Then... from Construction Time Again being a song Martin might consider playing live, though that isn't confirmed as the translation of the interview on Home ( isn't verbatim. That song with lines like "All that we need at the start/Universal revolution/That's all" would certainly chime with the theme of the lead single.

Anyway, we have news. More will no doubt spill out over the next few days and I'll update this as much as I can. Let the Revolution begin...

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