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This review has been written by Mariah Perezhogina who lives in Moscow. Everything I've read about the show so far says it was an excellent gig and Mariah's review confirms that, giving you a real taste of what it felt like to be in the crowd that night. I think we have our first full on Dave Devotee here too - or at least the first person to write about it! One of the really cool things about this project has been the amount of interest people have had in writing for it and Mariah's blog is as good example as any of why I'm enjoying this. Thanks very much Mariah. Thanks once again too to Depeche Mode Classic Photos & Videos Facebook group who are not only dealing with the increased attention following Michael Rose's great Takeover day, but are also having to put up with my continually pilfering pics.

Courtesy of Depeche Mode Classic Photos & Videos Facebook Group

Holy Communion In Moscow 15.07.2017

This Saturday was perfect for the show. Warm enough, a little cloudy, meaning that people came to the stadium to queue in the morning. I was there at 2 PM and my number was… 271. 

Everything was well organized. The crew was friendly, helpful, we enjoyed every single minute. 

For the moment DM came to the stage - at 8.30 – the atmosphere of friendship and pure delight was everywhere. Even among security. People of different ages attended fan-zone, talking to each other before the performance. And then the show began…

As is now traditional on this tour, the show started with the leisurely pace of Going Backwards. The crowd burst into screams from the first note. DM had their classic very-serious-look. “Red-shoed” and “crimson-jacketed” Dave, appeared at the stage. The mood of Going Backwards and its bright culmination perfectly led to the So Much Love. To my mind, (after having attended almost 30 Depeche live performances) the sound on the stadium Otkrytie Arena was the best. Even in the fan-zone.

So Much Love. Right. Very rousing. “Unjacketed” Dave drives everyone crazy. And we love the way he moves for us tonight)) So much love around – nothing else to say. Just… “Thank you! Hello, Moscow!” I always appreciated the fact DM never say a word in other languages. Kind of “thank you” or “hello”. Always in English. I do respect it.

The videos made for these two songs were incredible  - both very stylish concepts.

Courtesy of Depeche Mode Classic Photos And Videos Facebook Group

After a couple of new songs, the 20-year-old Barrel Of A Gun arrives. True fans went absolutely bananas. Hard, emotional with Dave showing his excellent shape! A Pain That I’m Used To seems aq logical song to follow BOAG. After that, the crowd is ready – time to serve up something special. Next dish is on the go: delicious and sexy Corrupt and In Your Room. The most difficult thing is to decide whether to look at the band (at Dave mostly) or at the screen with IYR's passionate and sensual video showing the dancing couple.

One of the most recognizable songs – World In My Eyes – such a lively hit helps to forget about the tears in my eyes (after In Your Room don’t judge me). I wish Dave could be my personal dance coach…

Everybody was really excited about Cover Me. The video connects with the good old themes of Enjoy The Silence, the song with its increasing tension, stadium full of lights… absolute joy for us.

Courtesy of Depeche Mode Classic Photos And Videos Facebook group

We then came to the traditional Martin slow part: time-proved touching and warming ballads A Question of Lust  and Home. Comments not needed. The stadium holds its breath, thousands of lights still burning (45 000 people came to the show so imagine) while the sky is getting dark. Martin’s shy smile is priceless. Later when we were following the crowd to the metro station, this huge crowd was singing Home. Significant.

“Scarlet-waistcoated” Dave comes back with a Poison Heart and Where’s The Revolution. Fans prepared big and small red flags for WTR. Some hold their cell phones up with red screens. Even some girls were wearing red shirts. I’m not sure Dave had an opportunity to appreciate the preparations… He was far back on the stage at the screen. 

After that it was time for rock action – Wrong. Explosion. Great to hear this masterpiece from 2009. Performing was passionate as… never. Fan-zone went totally crazy. Everything Counts finished us off! People didn’t try to record, they were dancing. I’ve never seen so many people dancing together. Respectable gentlemen were shaking their hands and butts – can you imagine?)

Stripped. Dave unfortunately didn’t let us see him stripped down to his pants. I always wanted to know: how many people sing “Let me see you stripped down to the balls”? Am I the only one? Anyone else?

Courtesy of Depeche Mode Classic Photos And Videos Facebook Group

The predictable classics Enjoy The Silence and Never Let Me Down Again didn’t let us down of course. And we didn’t let DM down too. Despite the fact they were tired – it was obvious – the energy flew like water from the stage. Dave was everywhere: next to every member of the band, at the screen, on the runway. Three  T-shirt gun shots from the runway – three happy and proud possessors of special T-shirts.

Somebody. Martin’s voice is hypnotizing, seriously. Moment of magic, you find it hard to breathe with this song. The guy standing next to me started shouting: “It’s my wedding song! We will dance at our wedding next week!! To this song!!!” Well, congratulations, what could I say.

That was followed by "Heroes"  which Dave sang perfectly. He made this gesture... Like to keep calm. Not to scream. He wanted silence. And in the end... It started raining. Dave was looking into the sky... Marvelous.

I Feel You was like an orgasm for my ears. Walking In My Shoes with the video-clip - I was amazed. Personal Jesus… a killer. Warm hugs by Dave… The whole world stops, you see it like in time lapse. It that all? Finished? Maybe some more? No? Why? Ok, see you next time. Will there be a next time? Yes))

Before the performance began we had an official information about another tour date announced – 02/25/2018. We are going to have one more show in Moscow. Just imagine our happiness!


Thank you so much Mariah.

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