Monday 15 January 2018


This whole project relies entirely on people being kind enough to help me out by taking time out of their otherwise busy lives to write reviews and it's something that I'm beyond grateful for. The original reviewer for this gig Natalie Gladkaya was sadly unwell and couldn't make the Hamburg show - hope you feel better soon Natalie. I had to find a replacement and it wasn't until the gig had basically started that I got not one but three: Claudia Schulzi, Thomas Ostermann and Michael Pinzon. Thomas messaged me on Facebook and said the three of them could cover the gig and that was superb news. Happily I got to meet them in Amsterdam at the weekend to say thanks. The review is a wonderful read. Thanks so much to Claudia, Thomas and Michael for stepping in at the last minute, for the review and for the pictures too.

The world we live in and live Hamburg - review by Thomas Ostermann, Michael Pinzon and Claudia Schulzi

The tour started again two days ago in Copenhagen and we all are happy to meet up again in Hamburg. Ohst and me we met the first time in 2001 and we met Michael the first time on the Delta Machine tour.

Sometimes the chemistry works and we three are like the Stooges.

We were almost in the arena, as we read, that David didn't have a reviewer for the Hamburg concert and we decided  to takeover David's blog for Hamburg.

So here we are in the train to Amsterdam with the first wine of the day and start to write this blog.

Hamburg was always a good Depeche Mode location. They recorded the genius video there, "The World We Live In And Live In Hamburg" on December 14, 1984.

Schulzi was there, she saw Depeche Mode including this concert 9 times, Thomas 5 concerts, Michael 3.

Now is time to answer some questions. We are only allowed one sentence answers.

Depeche Mode:

Thomas: What can I say?

Michael: Oh Shit!

Schulzi: Can't live without them

Dave Gahan:

Thomas: strongest man of the universe

Michael: best ramp pig of the world, in German we say Rampensau

Schulzi: love of my life

Martin Lee Gore:

Thomas: „Spielf├╝hrer“

Michael: Martin, my genius

Schulzi: he wrote the soundtrack of my life but I have a split relationship to him, a kind of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.


Thomas: my personal highlight of this tour

Michael: my secret hero

Schulzi: the one and only

Peter Gordeno:

Thomas: are you kidding me?

Michael: unfortunately he is in

Claudia: who?

Christian Eigner:

Thomas: Trommelkasper

Michael: I like him

Schulzi: Mr. Fletcher shook out hands in Torino in the band hotel, Mr. Eigner didn't want to do a picture with us there, that's all I have to say about him


Thomas: The fishmarket, "Schlagermove", friends and very good concerts of Depeche Mode

Michael: Elphi, Manja, miniature wonderland

Schulzi: lived there a year, not my mentality, but always good concerts of Depeche Mode

Barclaycard Arena:

Thomas: best organisation of the whole tour

Michael: best organisation ever

Schulzi: well organized arena, such a good FOS area, good sound

Audience in Hamburg:

Thomas: not like the Hesse, but quite good

Michael: very good

Schulzi: I'm a bit surprised, we could walk to row 5 after the first five songs

Best Song Of The Evening:

Thomas: Everything Counts

Michael: Cover Me

Schulzi: Personal Jesus

Worst Song Of The Evening:

Thomas: Precious

Michael: Barrel Of A Gun

Schulzi: Precious

Going Backwards:

Thomas: great opener

Michael: I love it

Schulzi: Mr. Gahan comes on the stage, best moment

Cover Me:

Thomas: highlight

Michael: my secret highlight

Schulzi: what a performance, show all what Mr. Gahan can do. Best frontman of the world for ever and ever.


Thomas: thank you for bringing me here

Michael: for showing me home

Schulzi: for singing these tears

Everything Counts:

Thomas: I love this song from the first moment I heard it. 1983 my brother played a self recorded tape, altough he hates Depeche Mode

Michael: I was surprised that they play this song again, my highlight

Schulzi: my hymn

Special moments of the evening:

Dave greeted the fans twice, after Barrel Of A Gun the first time and again after World In My Eyes. Very funny moment as he said it again: Good evening Hambuuuurg!

World In My Eyes : the screening was longer than normal.

Dave was in an unbelievable mood, he smiled the whole evening.

As they left the stage Dave clapped Andy's ass. The mood was very good on stage.

In total conclusion a very very good concert, a great comeback.

After the concert we were on the Aftershow Party in the Markthalle with DJ Niggels.

We all are happy to be on tour again and looking forward to this wonderful year with Depeche Mode.

Only one hour ago from Amsterdam we looking forward to meet you, David.... almost predictable.


Thanks very, very much Claudia, Thomas and Michael

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