Tuesday 11 February 2014


Scottish Fiction is a Scottish music blog run by Neil Wilson which in his own words is "one man's attempt to promote, discover and introduce new (and old) music." It's as comprehensive a guide to the Scottish music scene as you're likely to find but what makes the whole project more pleasing is that it is augmented by Neil's Scottish Fiction radio show on Pulse 98.4 FM which means that shortly after reading about new music you can hear it too which is really cool.

As well as tracks by all the Scottish artists you'd expect Scottish Fiction gives airtime to many unsigned bands or bands on small labels giving them crucial exposure especially in these times of the airwaves being filled with mundane crap in the main. There are regular session tracks too and 21 of the best of these feature on The Scottish Fiction Sessions which is a download only release from which every penny raised will go towards supporting local independent radio like Pulse Community Radio. The album will set you back £3 which is less than the price of a pint so there's absolutely not reason not to go and get it - https://scottishfiction.bandcamp.com/album/scottish-fiction-sessions

The album features a whole host of artists from Campfires In Winter to Fake Major to Julia Doogan to RM Hubbert and beyond and it's already brightened up what is a drizzly cold in Glasgow. Campfires In Winter's version of See Us There, Both is an absolute cracker. Whether you want to support what is a thriving local music scene or you want to support local radio or if you even just want to discover 21 new artists that you really should hear then you've got to go and get this. 

For more about Scottish Fiction follow the blog (http://scottishfiction.blogspot.co.uk/ ) or find them on Twitter ( https://twitter.com/scotfiction984 ) or Facebook ( https://www.facebook.com/thisisscottishfiction?fref=ts )

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