Friday 14 February 2014


As I keep banging on about, the amount of good new music Scotland is producing at the moment is frankly terrifying. I don't recall a time like this. We seem to be entering some sort of golden age of Scottish music and I implore you to get involved in it by seeing the bands live, buying their records and supporting what is rapidly growing and hugely exciting scene. I'm no expert in this being something of a latecomer to it. I'll leave it to people like Neil Wilson at Scottish Fiction or the chaps at The Pop Cop to tell you more as their sites contain more about Scottish music than I could ever possibly tell you.  What I can give you though are five bands to look out for this year so here they are:

1. MACHINES IN HEAVEN ( @MachinesHeaven @hotgemtunes ) 
I've written about Machines before and rightly praised their excellent Glasgow Jihad ep. March 14 sees the release of the band's debut album BordersBreakdown on Hotgem and it promises to be a cracker. The band are having an album preview night at Stereo on Renfield Lane on 14 March and you'd be well advised to get down there. All the info you need is on their Facebook page. Get into Machines In Heaven now before everyone else does.

2. CASUAL SEX ( @CasualSexBand )
Casual Sex' Bastard Beat ep released at the tail end of last year was a brilliant mix of sleazy guitar, dirty bass and randy vocals and was frankly brilliant. The band are creating a real buzz and are shortly embarking on a UK tour and rather impressively playing at this year's SXSW . You must check out the Bastard Beat ep and do keep an eye on Casual Sex. Again, check their Facebook page for all info and go here to buy their music

3. CALL TO MIND ( @calltomind @OliveGroveRCRDS )
I first heard Call To Mind when I reviewed their majestic single A Family Sketch for Scottish Fiction last year (review). It's still available as a free download which you'd be mad not to get. The band are gearing up for the release of their new album The Winter Is White on 12 April with a show at The Glad Cafe. This band improve and improve with every release so their album is something to be very excited about. It's coming out on the excellent Olive Grove label and you can buy that label's back catalogue in The Glad Cafe too. Check out Call To Mind's Facebook page for all the info you need.

4. RANDOLPH'S LEAP ( @randolphs_leap @LostMap )
Is there a more prolific band than Randolph's Leap? They seem to release an e.p. every week and play live more than anyone else I know be it as a full band or an Adam solo show. Their first full length LP Clumsy Knot is coming out on the excellent Lost Map label on April 7th and the band will play a launch show at the Kinning Park Complex on 5th April. If any of their many previous releases are a guide to go by we're in for a real treat. The band's Facebook page will tell you everything you need to know

5. ATOM TREE ( @AtomTreeMusic @hotgemtunes )
It's usually only Depeche Mode related matters that I am repetitive (to be honest I've not even started on them yet!) however I have mentioned Atom Tree many times before and I'm going to keep doing it. To follow the exceptional Tide Of Thorns ep the band will be releasing new music this year which HotGem head honcho Clair has already heard and excitedly tweeted about. You really must keep an eye on Atom Tree as they are genuinely special. The buzz Tide of Thorns created was huge and not just locally - people ears all over the world pricked up. Keep an eye on their Facebook page for news because there is much to come.

So there you go - five to keep an eye on. There are so many more bands out there I could mention but I need to draw the line somewhere. Do check out all these bands and indeed the labels they are on as every one of them will brighten up your day.

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