Tuesday 11 March 2014


There's a risk inherent in praising a band to anyone who'll listen in that when they finally release an album it may turn out that you were wrong all along. Luckily for me, Machines In Heaven have produced a better debut album than anyone could have hoped for. If you're a fan of any sort of electronic music at all, bordersbreakdown is for you. The album comes out on March 14 and rather brilliantly can be purchased from Rough Trade here

Prior to the album, Machines In Heaven have released the excellent Glasgow Jihad ep and a few remixes and what's pleasing is that the album really builds on that work and takes their sound in a new direction. All three tracks from the e.p. appear here but in beefed up form with album opener The National Monument sounding huge with a bass line that could flatten buildings. The album really does get off to an impressive start with The National Monument followed by the brilliant Parliament Is Made Of Rice Paper and Divided by Zero. Parliament really is a special track and deserves a lot of attention. It mixes Kraftwerk, Orbital at their In Sides best and adds church organ to produce a really atmospheric track. If you're going to pick one track here grab this.

Davey, Connor, Greg

The album isn't afraid to show its' influences but never overdoes them. From time to time you get modern day Radiohead guitar lines (think In Rainbows) mixing with almost acid like bass, huge beats mixing with Kraftwerk like synth and on the excellent We Fall almost acoustic loveliness that suddenly transforms into a glam stomp reminiscent of Depeche's Personal Jesus which of course finds favour here. Continuing the Kraftwerk theme the band name Metropolis after a track from The Man Machine but the track itself brings to mind the haunting quality of Radioactivity which is just fantastic.

I am probably a little biased but I genuinely love this album and really recommend you get it. Careers have been made on lesser albums than this -  Machines In Heaven deserve your attention. 

Machines In Heaven Twitter https://twitter.com/MachinesHeaven
Album launch event Glasgow March 14 https://www.facebook.com/events/216531631872155/

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