Wednesday 4 June 2014


Glasgow's Analog Angel return with a new album Trinity that really kicks on from their previous works which fully displays the breadth of the band's talents. The band's first two albums leaned very much toward the industrial side of electronic music and they rightly became a well known name in those circles. 2013's Pride ep (review here) showed a more melodic, almost poppy side to Analog Angel and lead track from that release, We Won't Walk Away really impressed. Trinity takes over where Pride left off showing a band continually developing and indeed improving with the result that, if you're a fan of electronic music of any genre, there will be something for you here.

Trinity is very much an upbeat album. Lead single Drive is probably the best example of where the band are headed - it's an instantly catchy song propelled along on an almost Depeche Mode like bass with a synth riff you can't shift from your head. Trinity's key is the interplay between the synths, which sound bigger and bolder than ever, and John's stentorian vocals. More than ever, the two merge and work perfectly as is displayed on standout tracks like Shout, Inner Voice and Lose Control. Interestingly, John passes the mic to Derek on The Chase and the results are great. Could Derek end up being the Martin Gore to John's Dave Gahan? Future solo acoustic spots at AA gigs surely await.

Overall, one of the great things about Trinity is that Analog Angel are now very much a band in their own right. Whereas previous albums may have been slightly in the shadow of some of the band's key influences, Trinity is the sound of a band pushing in their own direction, with a unique sound that, whilst no doubt influenced by certain bands and genres, seeks only to look forward and to develop. You get the feeling that there is much more to come from Analog Angel which is exciting. In the meantime though, Trinity is a excellent album and one that you really should check out.

Trinity is available digitally here

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