Saturday 21 June 2014


Glasgow's Atom Tree played a fantastic headline show at Broadcast on Friday. They're a band I've been following for some time and have previously given you plenty of opportunity to find out how good they are (Tide of Thorns ep review here). This show show was the first I'd seen since Julie Knox joined the band on vocals and synths and I have to say that it was a fantastic, captivating show.

The band's set flowed perfectly and the whole crowd were into the show from the off. This is some of the most innovative electronic music around just now and with the addition of Julie's vocals the band's whole presence has grown. What is cool is the fact that the band are all clearly so into the music as is best exemplified Shaun's almost hyperactive playing which was especially impressive given his height and the low ceiling. 

Atom Tree live at Broadcast 20/06/14

The set was a joy from the brilliant Desired Effect through a great version of new track See The Light to a frankly epic Die For Your Love which is a song that everyone on earth should here. There are times when electronic music is so moving and all encompassing that you get lost in it. That was one of these time. Absolute perfection. My two friends who were with me were seeing Atom Tree for the first time and they are now converts. Go and listen to them through the links below and see them live - you will be converted too. 

Atom Tree Soundcloud

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