Monday 2 March 2015


Martin Gore's new solo album MG will be released on Mute Records on 27 April 2015. The album is a 16 track affair and is entirely instrumental. Martin says that he wanted to keep the music "very electronic, very filmic and give it an almost sci-fi like quality." The album, which is available on CD (CDSTUMM381) or double vinyl (STUMM381) (which includes the cd) features 16 tracks. They are:

1. Pinking
2. Swanning
3. Exalt
4. Elk
5. Brink
6. Europa Hymn
7. Creeper
8. Spiral
9. Stealth
10. Hum
11. Islet
12. Crowl
13. Trysting
14. Southerly
15. Featherlight
16. Blade

Martin has made Europa Hymn available to listen to now. It's a lovely track that sounds like it's almost entirely analogue and that's never a bad thing. In melody and atmosphere, it reminds me a great deal of Agent Orange which is still one of my favourite Depeche b-sides. Can't wait to hear the rest of it - only 8 weeks to go!

Full press release here

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