Wednesday 1 April 2015


Night School Records is a Glasgow based label run by Michael Kasparis. Among the label's many gems, Michael is about to release his own album, Powerless, under the guise of guise of Apolstille on April 27th. If you're unfamiliar with Night School, Apostille is as good a place to start as any. Check out Good Man below which mixes influences from Suicide to, funnily enough to the ears of this blog, Depeche Mode and is a real gem. The album is going to be something special

Apostille aside, there is also much to get excited about on Night School. You might recall that I've mentioned the fantastic Happy Meals before, both in album reviews and on the Glasgow Endless Two feature. Their debut Apero which, if you still haven't heard it, is a must hear came out on Night School and they're playing dates with Apostille in April, including a show at the Flying Duck in Glasgow on Saturday 11th. You can read the review for my full thoughts about Apero, but let's just say that it's one of the most innovative electronic albums I've heard in a while. Here's the video for Altered Images to tide you over until you but the album

Another band you'll want to check out are Paper Dollhouse, whose second LP Aeonflower came out on Night School on 2nd March. The album is a beautiful but stark soundscape that was made to be listened to on vinyl. Like the releases I've mentioned above, the album can be obtained on limited edition vinyl from the Night School site, details below. Here's Helios from the album

These bands aside, the label's roster is stuffed to the gills with superb music from the likes of Rose McDowall and Sally Dige. Every release from Night School is innovative and, from the vinyl shopper's point of view, beautifully packaged with the feel of an album just like you remember they used to be. Labels like this that take the time to ensure that their output is so spot on deserve attention and you really must spend a good bit of time getting to know Night School Records and getting into their artists.

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