Thursday 21 April 2016


Errant Boy are an Edinburgh based four piece whose debut album A Wayward Mirror is released on 22 April on Errant Media. I've mentioned them here and on Scottish Fiction before when I reviewed their two of their debut tracks The Night Dilates and Black Dress, Black Cab.  Both those songs show off Errant Boy at their best, fusing together influences like Young Americans era Bowie, Talking Heads, Orange Juice and the more melodic side of post punk. A Wayward Mirror builds on those themes as a whole, producing a vibrant, interesting debut that will satisfy fans of darker, spiky guitar pop.

Pulling off the feat of combining the seemingly competing forces of pop and post punk is tricky to get right, but Errant Boy manage that with ease. The likes of Endgame have a dark, early Cure like feel, but it stops short of being overly experimental and keeps its focus on balancing melody with the dark jangly guitars that permeate the track. Opener Hey! Columbus is another track that grabs the attention, with its Peter Buck like Rickenbacker guitar lines complimenting Sean Ormsby's fragile vocal lines nicely.

All in all, A Wayward Mirror is a debut album that doesn't fail to impress and certainly points to an intriguing future for Errant Boy. If you're free on the 23rd of April, head along to the album release show at Leith Depot, Edinburgh -

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