Friday 17 June 2016


Last Night From Glasgow is a brand new, not for profit, crowdfunded record label from Glasgow that is one of the most intriguing and, quite genuinely, uplifting projects I've heard of in a long, long time. The label is a not for profit label, run by volunteers and funded by members who, for an annual membership fee, receive a physical copy of each release, free access to label gigs and much more. Even though the project is only in its infancy, it has already caught many people's imaginations including my own and I was delighted, and I've got to say, proud to sign up as a member. The most important thing about Last Night From Glasgow is that it is a label that ensures the artists are properly paid for their work and properly promoted. There's nothing not to love about this project.

What of the releases then? Well, the first two are already out and they're as good a start to the label as you could hope. LNFG1 (you have to love the catalogue numbers - admit it) is a double A-side 7" by Mark W. Georgsson . Side A features the track The Ballad Of The Nearly Man, a sparse, quite wonderful track that's both haunting and uplifting. The b-side, and forgive the lack of proper Icelandic spelling here is Songur Hins Maedda Manns, an Icelandic language version of the A-side performed by Sigriour Thorlacius and Arnar Guojonsson that offers and even more delicate take on the track. Both versions are gorgeous and playing them on the 7" single that is LNFG1 makes the experience all the better. The single artwork is also notable too - see below

As well as the single, the label has also released a a strictly limited edition USB only album by Stephen Solo called Pii.  It's a combination of DIY electronica, poetry and video and it's exquisite. A unique release in a unique format and, surely, that's the essence of the Last Night From Glasgow label. I should say that the music on the album is superb - anything with teh DIY electronica label is going to find favour here and Pii is on heavy rotation at the moment.

The next scheduled release is LNFG2, I Don't Drink To Forget, a 7" single by Emme Woods and that's out on 29 July. I for one can't wait and, being lucky enough to have an idea of what's to come from the label, I can tell you that there is a lot more to get excited about.

If you haven't already, go and check out Last Night From Glasgow and I guarantee you'll be immediately convinced. If this is how the music industry is to be run, then I'm 100% behind it.

Last Night From Glasgow

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