Tuesday 16 August 2016


Part 5 of the Depeche Mode Museo and the third and final part of the Personal Jesus special is upon us. To be quite honest, I'm not sure how rare this record is. It's not one that DM collectors necessarily hunt down, unlike the two Personal Jesus entries on the previous two blogs and I only came across it during my daily E-bay hunt for Depeche records. It's an oddity really. but I thought it was worth sharing.

Personal Jesus - MUX730

What we have here then is a South African 12" of Personal Jesus. It's released on the David Gresham Record Company under licence from Mute and comes in a plain white sleeve. Given the sheer majesty of the usual artwork for this release, that is a shame. The labels partly save the day however, using a classic Mute logo to make them look all lovely.

Personal Jesus MUX 730 - A side label

On Side A, there are three tracks, in the same order as they appear on 12BONG17, namely the Holier Than Thou Approach and Acoustic mixes of Personal Jesus and the marvellous Sensual Mix of Dangerous, one of my favourite Depeche Mode remixes of all time.

Personal Jesus - MUX 730 Side B

Side B is the real oddball star of this release. Having had the three tracks comprising the standard UK 12" of Personal Jesus appear on the A side, you might think that you'll get the three tracks from L12BONG17 on the B-side. Logic would certainly dictate that and, let's face it, that would make this record a rather smashing thing to have. Things are never that simple though.

Personal Jesus MUX 730 - B side label

What we in fact get (apologies for the slightly useless picture above) are two odd picks for b-sides. Firstly, there is Route 66 (Beatmasters/Casualty Mix).  Now, as a responsible blogger, I should have listened to this to see what the hell's going on, but I'm not so, until I do listen, this is my guess. Route 66 does appear in its Beatmasters Mix guise on 12BONG15 as any fans of that wonderful remix know. L12BONG15 then features the Casualty Mix of that which is a remix by Dave Allen. Two different remixes then. The length of the track here, 10 minutes 35 seconds, is around the same length as the Casualty Mix that appears on L12BONG15 so I presume that track 1 of this B-Side should be thus named and not incorrectly labelled as Beatmastes/Casualty Mix. I will look into this though and will report back.

The second track on the B-side is the Behind The Wheel/Route 66 Megamix which is a U.S only remix that featured on the standard 12", cassette single and U.S promo cd when the track was originally released. 

Overall, a rather odd choice for a b-side as they don't even pick the best remixes of Behind The Wheel and Route 66. Interesting all the same however, and a nice oddity in the Depeche Mode catalogue. It can be picked up relatively cheaply on Discogs just now, starting at £23.26 https://www.discogs.com/sell/release/1717723?ev=rb

And that's that for Personal Jesus. The Museo will reopen soon....

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