Wednesday 24 August 2016


This Saturday, the brilliant Depeche Mode tribute Speak & Spell return to Scotland for an eagerly anticipated gig at Electric Circus, Edinburgh. The band have rightly gained a reputation for outstanding live shows, giving Depeche fans the chance to hear songs that the band themselves have long since forgotten or ignored. The gig this Saturday promises to be a really special one and such is demand for it, you'll need to move quickly to get tickets. You can find a link below.

I caught up with Keith Trigwell from the band to ask him a few questions:

APA: A Saturday night in Edinburgh is bound to mean a good, enthusiastic crowd. Are you looking forward to it?

KT: Oh yes. The Scots DM fans are extremely good fun all the time anyway and are always a great crowd. So many are mates of ours as well that it's just a riot.

APA: What can we expect from the show?

KT: We always try to deliver a show which is as close to how DM did things between 82-93 era. So for people who saw DM in those times, maybe a few little reminders of those gigs.

APA: Any surprises in store for us?

KT: Well hopefully yes, slight changes to artists and tracks, a very different gig to the one we did there last year.

APA: Finally, what's next for Speak & Spell?

KT: Last year had significant changes 'on' and 'off' stage. A LOT of work to get through bringing it together but a real team effort has paid off. We are now moving on with some new show ideas and new technical equipment is constantly being introduced so we fully expect better and more visual shows which are also easier to run. As well as that our new manager and her team has helped enormously. A few more tracks will be introduced soon which we are all looking forward to

Thanks very much to Keith for giving up his time for this piece. I know that his answers will have whet your appetite. Get yourself along to the Electric Circus on Saturday and get ready for two hours of premium Depeche Mode presented brilliantly by Speak & Spell.

Speak and Spell play Electric Circus in Edinburgh on 27 August and will be on stage from 8 until 10. Tickets are available at £10 each from here

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