Saturday 21 July 2018


The festival season has split fans a bit, with some seeming annoyed at the shortened set and others treating the gigs as a chance to have a Depeche Mode party, enjoying a greatest hits show in unique surroundings. The pictures I've seen of the Vielles Charrues Festival look incredible - great surroundings, what looks like a great crowd and, of course, great music. Christelle Bauchet was at the festival and here's her review. It really captures the feel of the event and it's a really enjoyable blog. Thank you very much Christelle. Thank you too to Depeche Mode Classic Photos & Videos Facebook Group. 

Picture courtesy of Depeche Mode Classic Photos & Videos Facebook Group

About 70,000 people were watching the excellent performance of the band. That was my third gig (after Grand Stade de France and Bercy) on the Global Spirit Tour and the best one in my opinion. 

We, my husband and my daughter of whom it was the first concert, arrived at Carhaix at 2:30pm. It is a very nice Breton village with a lot of Greco-Roman remains like Vorgium aqueduct. 

Thanks to the volunteers, the access to the car park and the concert zone has been very easy. 

I had got the opportunity to be in the front row: marvellous!!! Only six hours and half before the beginning of the show, at the Glenmor stage... Fortunately, the sun was shining! 

My neighbours and I spent our time to talk about Depeche Mode, in a friendly atmosphere, listening, from far away, to the other bands who played on Kerouac stage: Olli & The Bollywood Orchestra (Indian musicians led by a Breton composer), No Land (neo-traditional Celtic music) and Marquis de Sade (Breton rock band). NB: Soulwax, Belgian electro-rock band, played a good music after DM concert. 

9:45pm: the show started. Martin, dressed in white, with silver glitters under his eyes, appeared on stage, followed by Peter, Christian and Fletch; then Dave, the graceful dandy, all smiles! 

A main screen and two side screens enabled everyone to see the band. 

Immediately, we felt that the show will be famous. Indeed, the local press articles described their performance in very glowing terms. 

The set list has been the same for several festivals. As usual, the show began slowly. After Going Backwards, now known by most fans, It’s No Good, A Pain That I’m Used To and Precious have been played; then World In My Eyes sung by Dave in an especially sensual way and Cover Me, Somebody, In Your Room, Everything Counts and Stripped welcomed by the fans. 

Then it came to the famous singles, Personal Jesus, Never Let Me Down Again and the encore, Walking In My Shoes, Enjoy the Silence, Just Can’t Get Enough, which raised the crowd. 

We often saw Martin and Fletch smiling. Martin moved on Walking In My Shoes and Enjoy The Silence! Even Peter seemed to be happy to play. And Dave, this amazing frontman, spinned, shared his energy with the audience and made a little courtsey seeing a fan’s banner that shows respect for his fans. 

Picture courtesy of Depeche Mode Classic Photos & Videos Facebook Group

I think the band had a lot of fun during this concert. Audience was over excited, smiling, singing, dancing, claiming their love for the band. 

DM is a timeless and unique band. Here is a quote from Dave: “If we were like everybody else, we might as well give up and let them do it” and I completely agree. 

Now the show is over. The concert has been so great! Thanks guys for this fantastic tour. We’re waiting patiently for the next album and the next tour but before that, the Global Spirit Tour DVD!


Thank you Christelle

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