Tuesday 2 June 2015


5 June sees the release on Hotgem Tunes of the new e.p. from Machines In Heaven and, as with each of their previous releases, this e.p. is another leap forward for this increasingly impressive band. Lead track Displacer sees the band combining their trademark bass thump and swirling electronics with their poppiest melody yet and it all melts together quite marvellously. As the song grows, sounds flit in and out, building to a beautiful climax, with the ultimate result being the band's strongest track yet. It still retains the band's experimental edge, but it adds melodic, joyous layers to it. The full version of the track and the Radio Edit are available on the e.p.

As well as the two versions of Displacer, there are a couple of remixes to enjoy. First up is the Garage Edit of Feel Slow from the band's last release, the Hindu Milk e.p. As the name of the remix would suggest, it's a two step type affair and, like all good remixes, is a remix by the band themselves. The original version of Feel Slow is a wonderful track and this new take on it equally good. The final track on the e.p. is the outstanding Displacer (Drvg Cvltvre Remix) which is one of those remixes that gives the track a whole new energy and feel, taking it to new levels and places and because it's one of those remixes, it's therefore a very, very good thing indeed. All layers of electronics,thumping bass and beats it simply has to be heard. Ridiculously good.

Machines In Heaven are a band that are surely about to outgrow the local music scene and move on to something bigger. Displacer deserves to be heard by as wide an audience as possible and can easily hold its own amongst any of its peers. 

Displacer is released on 5 June on Hotgem Tunes and can be downloaded from ITunes, Beatport, Juno, Boomkat and others.

Machines In Heaven Facebook https://www.facebook.com/machinesinheaven

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