Tuesday 16 June 2015


Glasgow based producer Monogram's debut release Romance rightly gained much praise when it was released in October last year. A wonderfully urgent pop song, combining an almost post punk feel with melodic pop hooks, Romance is a superb track as you can hear below:

Happily, a new Monogram track, Anno has popped up today and, like Romance, it's a cracker and hopefully a sign of what to expect in the future from Monogram. Flying past in a blizzard of drums, Johnny Marr like jangly guitars and building to a frantic climax, Anno is bound to cause as much of, if not more of a stir than Romance. Monogram is surely one to watch.

For more info, check out Monogram's site http://mo.nogr.am/ , Soundcloud page https://soundcloud.com/thisismonogram/tracks and Facebook page.

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