Tuesday 9 June 2015


Normally, I only tend to review either Depeche Mode, Glasgow bands and so on but I'm making an exception for Rolemodel, a Canadian band who followed me on Twitter ( @davidjmcelroy or @almostprdalmost by the way) and piqued my interest. They are a dream pop electronic band based in Toronto, originally a solo vehicle for Jordan Allen but now expanded into a full band. Their six track e.p. Claire was released on Hand Drawn Dracula Records and I'm fallen in love with it

Combining a distinct 80's synth influence, thankfully from the good parts of that genre with the likes of New Order, some shoegaze and some stupendous pop melodies, this e.p. is one to hear. Title track Claire is a moody, atmospheric track with a chorus that deserves to burst from every radio in the land and it sets the tone perfectly. Teen Idol continues the moody atmosphere, in a way like Cold Cave without the sneer, before the brilliantly named, and indeed brilliant, Trans Canda Misery lands on you with a lead synth line that Gary Numan in his Tubeway Army days would be proud of. It's icy synth perfection and quite, quite wonderful. The New Order go pop of Who You Know follows and the next track Cruel Intensions displays a similar influence, though this time Joy Division, albeit more in their Atmosphere moments. The e.p. then ends with Until which rounds it off perfectly.

For something that came out of the blue to me, Claire  really is a great release and, as I said, something you really should hear. Jordan Allen's voice matches perfectly with the music and general feel of the songs throughout and, altogether, Claire really is something of a hidden gem of an e.p.

Rolemodel - Claire is released on Hand Drawn Dracula Records and is available on their bandcamp page here https://handdrawndracula.bandcamp.com/album/rolemodel-claire

Rolemodel wesbite http://rolemodelband.com

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