Thursday 21 December 2017


Following her review of night 2 in Paris, Sandrine Specia returns to reviewing duties for the Palau St Jordi gig on on 7 December. This was a home gig for Sandrine too and here she encapsulates perfectly the reasons that many Devotees see Barcelona as a must attend gig. If we get another tour (and if we do someone else can run a review project :D ) I know I'll be heading to the Barcelona show. Thanks very much for the review and pictures Sandrine.

The Depeche Mode concert at the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona caused a lot of expectation among the devotees for months since the date of the concert was announced only in summer. Prior to it being announced, many were worried that DM would not come and play in Barcelona.

Obviously, DM were not going to miss Barcelona out, but the delay in announcing was definitely a concern. When the date was finally released, many began to complain that they were not going to attend because of too high-ticket price. The newly released Spirit had also received a lot of unfair critics on local fans networks from people like the usual moaners who continue to lament the resignation of Alan Wilder from the band. As far as I’m concerned, there is always an exceptional and warm atmosphere in Barcelona, with fans eager to see their favorite band. I wasn't worried about  meeting any negative and complaining people at the concert. 

For many devotees, this concert was going to be the only one they were going to attend.

When I speak of exceptional atmosphere, I can say that of the five concerts I’ve attended during the Delta Machine tour, Barcelona was the best and I did not expect anything less for this show.

Sadly, one downside was that it was another miserable experience for the EE ticket holders, but it was also a very entertaining one meeting people Some Facebook friends came especially from Israel and they were staying in the same hotel as DM. They couldn’t meet them but it was very exciting to know.

I chose to stay in the middle of the catwalk closest to the stage in front of Dave, standing with fans who have traveled all over Europe this year just to see Depeche Mode. 

Support-act Re-Tros received very little applause, people were too impatient and just wanted DM.

A big concert in Barcelona can be easily compared to a football match atmosphere before the Barça takes to the pitch at the Camp Nou Stadium. They warm up the show with "oooohe ohe ohe, ohe, ohe" until the band takes the stage. 

The crowd was excited. If I could have taken the temperature of the people, I'm sure that many would have had a fever! Nerves were in full swing.

Everyone's mobiles were ready to record or to click madly on their camera the second the band arrived on stage at the start of what was to be an epic concert.

People surrendered with all their soul from the first notes of Going Backwards by screaming, shrieking, whistling, going on before Dave to sing the refrains instead of being asked to "sing iiiiiiiiit" when Dave offered us his mic. Dave seemed very surprised but very satisfied discovering such an enthusiastic and loud audience.

The crowd did not simply sit back and listen to It's No Good, or watch Useless and its magnificent black and white video - the atmosphere was electric and Dave stepped on the catwalk more than usual for so much energy shared with the fans.

A Pain That I'm Used To was the catalyst for the long-awaited start of mass jumping around. The energy in the place was sensational.

Home, very much like the Touring the Angel version got the people in love and I must admit that it is the best audience singalong during the "oooooooooooooooh, oh, oooooooooooh" that I've experienced on this tour. We stopped when Dave returned to the stage, which surprised him with a sort of “WTF” face. He asked Peter Gordeno to play again and we continued ohoing without stopping.. Dave was at his best. When the gladiator owns his audience ... In Your Room, Everything Counts, Stripped …

Enjoy The Silence, Never Let Me Down Again and A Question of Time are the number-one songs in the Palau Sant Jordi when DM performs, all of us sing loudly the complete lyrics, causing goosebumps, Spanish shouts of satisfaction The exception to that was during Cover Me,  with Dave majestic, dancing like a swan spreading his wings, with the devotees all around the catwalk speechless, until he knelt down to touch some lucky hands caught on the fence, with people ready to drown to reach him. 

This tour, I spent my time watching the stunning video when Walking in My Shoes was performed. I'm left wordless by its esthetic, colors, story and the beautiful long-haired actor. 

After it finished, many of us were not done with this unbelievable gig. An after-show party had been arranged close to the venue, by MartyrDan Dj who’s also the DM Barcelona fan club’s president. A very long line had taken form at the Spanish Village (Poble Espanyol district) as the day after was a public holiday. Lots couldn’t get a ticket, it was sold out in a flash. I met there with my best Spanish buddies and it’s always a funny encounter, re-living one of our happiest moment in life - sharing DM music till the end of the night.


Thank you Sandrine

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