Thursday 16 December 2021



Depeche Mode's debut single Dreaming Of Me was released in 1981 which is somehow 40 years ago. In that 40 years the band have moved from trilby wearing synthpoppers to metal bashing Berliners to accidental stadium fillers ending up as globe straddling titans of electronic music.

They have released a number of classic, era defining albums and are considered to be one of the biggest live acts on the planet. The thing is, Depeche Mode started out as a singles band, releasing three outstanding singles before anyone heard their debut album Speak & Spell. They have never stopped being a singles band either and there are very few, if any, bands who have released as many classic singles as Depeche Mode. Think about it - New Life, Everything Counts, Master & Servant, Stripped, Never Let Me Down Again, Personal Jesus, Enjoy The Silence, Walking In My Shoes, It's No Good, Precious - the list goes on and on.

I decided that this 40th anniversary had to be celebrated, As Depeche Mode don't do that sort of thing themselves, I have spent the last 18 months or so reviewing every Depeche Mode single released in the UK, looking in worrying depth at the reviews of each, the Top Of The Pops performances, the clothing, the at times remarkable and at times terrifying videos and the various formats each was released on. Below, you will find a link to each blog. Dive in and relive Depeche Mode's glorious career single by wonderful single.

Writing all these blogs has been a challenge but a fun one. Thank you to everyone who has read these articles and commented on them. Thanks too to,,, Depeche Mode Classic Photos & Videos Facebook Group, Depeche Mode Press File for all of the help fact checking and info gathering. Any errors that you find in any of these blogs are all mine.

Finally, thanks to Depeche Mode. Happy birthday chaps - it's been an interesting 40 years.

Part 3: Just Can't Get Enough

Part 4: See You

Part 5: The Meaning Of Love

Part 6: Leave In Silence

Part 7: Get The Balance Right

Part 8: Everything Counts

Part 12: Blasphemous Rumours/Somebody

Part 13: Shake The Disease

Part 14: It's Called A Heart

Part 15: The Singles 81-85

Part 19: Strangelove

Part 20: Never Let Me Down Again

Part 23: Personal Jesus

Part 24: Enjoy The Silence

Part 30: In Your Room

Part 32: It's No Good

Part 33: Home

Part 34: Useless

Part 40: Goodnight Lovers

Part 44: Suffer Well

Part 48: Peace


  1. I have you to thank. I really enjoyed that!

  2. Stellar job, mate!! Only thing sad about it, is the fact that they didn't release 55 more singles for you to write about, and for us to joyously read about.
    Wish you and your loved ones a really nice x-mas!!

  3. Thanks very much for this run of posts, it's been one hell of a ride, mostly highs of course (the evolution of their sound from Speak & Spell to Songs of Faith & Devotion is absolutely incredible and it was brilliant to revisit their history), but a few lows too (I've never cared much for the BONG-less era), but still it was a genuine pleasure keeping up with this blog, an amazing effort indeed.

  4. It's not only a DM story, but a review of the last 40 years of the british pop music and how it fades in a numeric world: TOTP, reviews in press, vidéos, charts position. All those things that no one seems to matter now but where so important before. It's the story of a part of our lives.
    Thanks again from France

  5. You should have finished with "Goodnight, thank you, see you next time"