Tuesday 7 January 2020


As you are no doubt aware, Violator turns 30 in March this year. To accompany Halo - The Story Behind Depeche Mode's Classic Album Violator, the book I am co-authoring with Kevin May which will be published this year, the blog will also be running a month long special looking at every aspect of Violator.

The One That I Prefer - Violator Turns 30 will run in March 2020 with a new post every day that month. It will feature excerpts from Halo, guest posts from Kevin, Glen Hammarstrom, Sean Salo, Panos Sialakas, Michael Rose, Michael Lyons, Amanda Stock and Niggels Uhlenbruch, a Dm Live Wiki special with Matthew Wolfe, a Pollicy Of Truth poll special with Shaun Coward (see Twitter here) and the usual nonsense from me. I hope you will all enjoy it as much as everyone seemed to enjoy A Month Long Period Of Rejoicing, the Black Celebration special in March 2016.

More news about this and Halo will follow soon.