Wednesday 27 April 2016


Mt. Doubt release their first new music of 2016 on April 30th with a 7" single featuring two new tracks Afterglow and Hotel Key. The single is released through the much missed and much loved Scottish Fiction and purchasing the vinyl will give you access to two remixes of Afterglow by two members of Machines In Heaven under their Magic Daddy and blood blood aliases. 

As we've already come to expect from Mt, Doubt, Afterglow is a masterclass in quiet-loud-quiet dynamics but, as ever, there's more to this than just that. Leo Bargery's sombre yet still uplifting lyrics add layers of emotion to the song and the whole package contains much to delight. Hotel Key reveals a starker, more subdued side to Mt. Doubt, and you can easily imagine listening intently to the song in a dark, smoky, bar somewhere. It's a lovely track.

Mt. Doubt really is one of the most intriguing acts out there just now. As I mentioned before, the band that is put together for their live shows is superb and Leo is quite the frontman. What are superb songs on this single, will doubtless have new life breathed into them when they're played at the single launch at Glasgow's Hug & Pint on 30 April. I'd recommend you get along. The link for tickets and the special 7" single and ticket bundle can be found below.

Afterglow shows why Mt. Doubt is destined for great things. Get into this band now before everyone does. 

Tuesday 26 April 2016


If you're a regular reader, you'll know how much I loved, and indeed still love, Beliefs' 2015 album Leaper ( Its mix of prime shoegaze atmospherics and wonderful, joyous noise was a truly great thing and it's an album I've forced upon many people since I first heard it. 

The band have now released Get There as a free download which is a track that was recorded during the Leaper sessions. Get There is a collaboration with Elsa's Jonathon Rodgers and it carries on the impressive work of Leaper, all woozy power and atmospherics at the intense end of the shoegaze spectrum. It's a winner basically. Download it entirely free of charge below:


Machines In Heaven's new album Phenomenolgy will be released on 13 May on Glasgow's Hot Gem Tunes and there will of course be a full review up here as soon as possible. To tide us over, the band have released a track as a taster called 20xx and, as you'd expect, it's a smasher. The band call it "French Cosmic Disco" and who am I to argue with that? Have a listen....

I've been fortunate enough to hear the album and it's definitely going to be one of this year's must hear releases. In the short space of time since their debut Glasgow Jihad ep, Machines In Heaven have developed into one of Glasgow's, if not Scotland's most intriguing acts and are very much a personal favourite of mine. Brace yourselves for Phenomenology but meantime, absorb and adore 20xx.

Friday 22 April 2016


Mildred's Dairy are a 6 strong music co-operative from Glasgow with Ramones like surnames (each member's last name is Diary) who produce a beguiling mix of post punk and indie pop that is the perfect soundtrack to Scotland's first bursts of summer sun. There's much to love in this album and opener Evergreen is as good an example as any of the band's talents. There are bits of Orange Juice in the music, elements of Billy Mackenzie in the vocals and it's all wrapped up in an irresistible chorus that won't fail to charm you. The mix of styles throughout the album works well, taking in alt-country meets indie pop on You're So Vain's Been Done (And It's All True) and spiky, post punk meets early Cure (I distinguish the two rightly or wrongly) on It's Hate That Wins The Day. You're So Vain... is also riddled with sampled dialogue which brings to mind Morrissey's wonderful Spring-Heeled Jim and that's no bad thing at all.

Common Seed is another standout track, combining spoken word and sung vocals to great effect and it's music reminiscent of Sugar's untouchable Copper Blue is a lovely thing. It's not all urgent, spiky indie pop though, with the likes of Sweet Soul and closer The Child In Me showing a slower side to the band, with softer vocals and acoustic guitars prominent in both. There are a couple of whispered lines that can't help but make you think of I'm Not In Love, but, let's be honest here, everyone, and I mean everyone loves that song really, so that's quite ok.

The Helsinki Bus Station Theory is a fresh, enjoyable pop meets post punk clash that's clever enough to display its influences while still standing on its own feet and sounding fresh. After many years and many guises, it's great that Mildred's Dairy have managed to release what will hopefully be the first of their albums. It's definitely one to check out.

The Helsinki Bus Station Theory is released on 30 April and will be available from all good records stores. There are a few cd's in Glasgow's superb Love Music as you read this. The band are also having a launch gig at Nice 'N' Sleazy on 30 April - tickets here

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Thursday 21 April 2016


Errant Boy are an Edinburgh based four piece whose debut album A Wayward Mirror is released on 22 April on Errant Media. I've mentioned them here and on Scottish Fiction before when I reviewed their two of their debut tracks The Night Dilates and Black Dress, Black Cab.  Both those songs show off Errant Boy at their best, fusing together influences like Young Americans era Bowie, Talking Heads, Orange Juice and the more melodic side of post punk. A Wayward Mirror builds on those themes as a whole, producing a vibrant, interesting debut that will satisfy fans of darker, spiky guitar pop.

Pulling off the feat of combining the seemingly competing forces of pop and post punk is tricky to get right, but Errant Boy manage that with ease. The likes of Endgame have a dark, early Cure like feel, but it stops short of being overly experimental and keeps its focus on balancing melody with the dark jangly guitars that permeate the track. Opener Hey! Columbus is another track that grabs the attention, with its Peter Buck like Rickenbacker guitar lines complimenting Sean Ormsby's fragile vocal lines nicely.

All in all, A Wayward Mirror is a debut album that doesn't fail to impress and certainly points to an intriguing future for Errant Boy. If you're free on the 23rd of April, head along to the album release show at Leith Depot, Edinburgh -

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Los Angeles based Leitbur are a band I first came across last year when I heard and loved their The Moment That I Knew You e.p. last year. Since its release, they've been busy working on their new album Antique Travelers which comes out on 6 May. Ahead of that, they've released a new track from the album, I Need You, which happily carries on the good work of The Moment That I Knew You.

I Need You is a shimmering mix of retro synths, a little bit of disco and melodies that are near perfect and compliment the current summery weather perfectly. As a taster for Antique Travelers, I Need You more than whets the appetite. I can't wait to hear the album.

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Nailbiter is a solo project of Josh Korody from Beliefs, a band I've already gone on about many, many times on here. Whereas Beliefs music is indebted to shoegaze power of the likes of Ride and My Bloody Valentine, Nailbiter draws its influence from the great industrial sounds of the 80's and 90's, with Formats bringing to mind elements of Throbbing Gristle, Coil and Nine Inch Nails when they focus on crunching instrumentals. It's a brilliant album from beginning to end and it's currently the soundtrack to early spring in Glasgow.

A track like Splatter is a perfect example of how good this album is. Driving rhythms and beats combine with walls of electronic noise in an aggressive but curiously almost calming way - the same can be said of Concrete City too, which is another standout. It's an album that deserves attention basiscally, and if you like your electronic music experimental, edgy and, ultimately, loud, this is for you.

Formats by Nailbiter is available on Hand Drawn Dracula and through Nailbiter's Bandcamp page

Nailbiter Bandcamp 
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Tuesday 12 April 2016


Last year's winners of the Almost Predictable for Best Single, The Insomniac Project ( are back with a new single, Vacillation, and, once again, they've hit gold.

Vacillation is a prime example of what The Insomniac Project do best - an infusion of disco and synthpop, topped off with a superb lead vocal from Deborah Lang which is complimented perfectly by Andrew Butler and Michael O'Donnell's irresistible harmonies. You're going to love this. For the first time, the band have made a video to accompany the single, so instead of my "listen to this" line, why not watch AND listen to the song right now.

The single is out on 18 April and the band are hosting a launch night at The Admiral in Glasgow on 16 April. They're already gaining a impressive reputation for their live appearances and, having seen them, I can safely say that that reputation is more than justified. Get yourself along to The Admiral to check them out and, more important, to dance yourself daft. It's the only option as once The Insomniac Project get you in their groove, you can't get out.

Tickets here:

Saturday 9 April 2016


As you'll probably know, I'm a bit of a fan of HQFU - she won last year's Almost Predictable for best new artist for example. Glasgow continues to produce a staggering array of incredible electronic music and HQFU is easily one of the standout acts in that deep pool of talent. Last night (8 April) at The Glad Cafe in Shawlands, Glasgow, HQFU launched her debut self titled album with a live performance that was one of the finest I've seen in a long time.

The gig was hosted by TYCI and their DJ's got everything started off perfectly with some outstanding tracks before and between the acts. You know that if someone plays Robyn they're hitting all the right notes. Support came from Mogen and her set was a perfect opener - icy Goldfrapp like synths mixing with poppy melodies and quite wonderful vocals. It was certainly impressive and Mogen is definitely one to watch.

HQFU live, Glad Cafe, 8 April 2016

HQFU's set was basically sensational. It's rare that a solo electronic artist can make such an impact really - the whole room was bouncing around from the off and it had the feeling of a full on rave at times, rather than a debut album launch in a small venue. Live, HQFU's already powerful, 90's dance influenced tracks gain an extra edge and her live set is one you have to catch. A track like GTFOOS is a prime example. On the album, which I'm playing at neighbour bothering volume as I type, the track is a driving, electro monster, but live, it is simply sensational.  Good Reason was another standout track. I really don't know how to describe how immense it was. It was one of the moments where you realise that live music is simply one of the greatest things there is. I was reminded of the likes of Orbital's gigs at the Barrowlands which are still among some of the finest I've been to. HQFU does what they did - grabs you with the music and holds you there for the whole show. It was ecstatic, electronic perfection and I don't think anyone there last night would disagree. One of the best things about live music is seeing an act exceed the expectations you had on going to the gig. I'm a full HQFU convert already, so I had high expectations. They were more than exceeded - this was easily one of the best gigs I've been to in a long time. Your task for today is to buy the album (link below) then check when HQFU is next playing live and make sure you get a ticket. You do not want to miss out.

HQFU live, Glad Cafe, 8 April 2016

HQFU Bandcamp

Friday 8 April 2016


Invisible Inc is a Glagsow based label who I've recently come across in my post March Depeche Mode madness. In an attempt to discover something new and, importantly, something that wasn't Black Celebration, I headed to Glasgow's wonderful Monorail, saw Invisible Inc EP #6 and snapped it up. It was a good decision. The e.p. features tracks from four bands and each one is well worth a listen.

Opener Lakeside Sunrise is by Legion of Light and it kicks the record off perfectly. The riot of burbling synths mixed with some Kraftwerk or Yellow Magic Orchestra like swooshes sounds like the start of spring and its upbeat, housey feel is bound to grab you. The next track is the e.p's highlight for me. Glasgow's Delta Girls give us the glorious Coloured Flares, which is the point where disco and Krautrock meet and, happily, they get on tremendously well together. The track's relentless groove is an utter joy - you HAVE to hear this one. Side 2 begins with a track by Claudio Cremonesi recorded live in 1983 at the Rimini Psych Festa. Now, I'm not going to pretend I knew anything about Claudio before I heard this track, but what I have learned since I bought the record is that he is the leader of prog psychers Gruppo Cosmico and this track, Inner Path To Outer Space, is a cracker, stuffed to the gills with shuffling beats and the type of synth sounds that people like me (and you - go on admit it) love. It;s a swirling soup of noise and it's quite brilliant. Finally, the e.p. ends on its most out there track Stairway To Love Dungeon by The Immaculate Rivombo. Krautrock, tribal percussion and beats, guitars, horns, effects and much more all combine in a cacophony of dark, fascinating music that's impossible to ignore.

Four very different tracks then, but all of them work well together on the e.p. It's available in all good independent record shops or from Invisible Inc's Bandcamp pages in a limited edition of 300 so be quick. Have a listen to the tracks below and then either buy the record or download. You won't be disappointed.

Invisible Inc Bandcamp
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