Friday 8 April 2016


Invisible Inc is a Glagsow based label who I've recently come across in my post March Depeche Mode madness. In an attempt to discover something new and, importantly, something that wasn't Black Celebration, I headed to Glasgow's wonderful Monorail, saw Invisible Inc EP #6 and snapped it up. It was a good decision. The e.p. features tracks from four bands and each one is well worth a listen.

Opener Lakeside Sunrise is by Legion of Light and it kicks the record off perfectly. The riot of burbling synths mixed with some Kraftwerk or Yellow Magic Orchestra like swooshes sounds like the start of spring and its upbeat, housey feel is bound to grab you. The next track is the e.p's highlight for me. Glasgow's Delta Girls give us the glorious Coloured Flares, which is the point where disco and Krautrock meet and, happily, they get on tremendously well together. The track's relentless groove is an utter joy - you HAVE to hear this one. Side 2 begins with a track by Claudio Cremonesi recorded live in 1983 at the Rimini Psych Festa. Now, I'm not going to pretend I knew anything about Claudio before I heard this track, but what I have learned since I bought the record is that he is the leader of prog psychers Gruppo Cosmico and this track, Inner Path To Outer Space, is a cracker, stuffed to the gills with shuffling beats and the type of synth sounds that people like me (and you - go on admit it) love. It;s a swirling soup of noise and it's quite brilliant. Finally, the e.p. ends on its most out there track Stairway To Love Dungeon by The Immaculate Rivombo. Krautrock, tribal percussion and beats, guitars, horns, effects and much more all combine in a cacophony of dark, fascinating music that's impossible to ignore.

Four very different tracks then, but all of them work well together on the e.p. It's available in all good independent record shops or from Invisible Inc's Bandcamp pages in a limited edition of 300 so be quick. Have a listen to the tracks below and then either buy the record or download. You won't be disappointed.

Invisible Inc Bandcamp
Invisible Inc Home

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