Friday 22 April 2016


Mildred's Dairy are a 6 strong music co-operative from Glasgow with Ramones like surnames (each member's last name is Diary) who produce a beguiling mix of post punk and indie pop that is the perfect soundtrack to Scotland's first bursts of summer sun. There's much to love in this album and opener Evergreen is as good an example as any of the band's talents. There are bits of Orange Juice in the music, elements of Billy Mackenzie in the vocals and it's all wrapped up in an irresistible chorus that won't fail to charm you. The mix of styles throughout the album works well, taking in alt-country meets indie pop on You're So Vain's Been Done (And It's All True) and spiky, post punk meets early Cure (I distinguish the two rightly or wrongly) on It's Hate That Wins The Day. You're So Vain... is also riddled with sampled dialogue which brings to mind Morrissey's wonderful Spring-Heeled Jim and that's no bad thing at all.

Common Seed is another standout track, combining spoken word and sung vocals to great effect and it's music reminiscent of Sugar's untouchable Copper Blue is a lovely thing. It's not all urgent, spiky indie pop though, with the likes of Sweet Soul and closer The Child In Me showing a slower side to the band, with softer vocals and acoustic guitars prominent in both. There are a couple of whispered lines that can't help but make you think of I'm Not In Love, but, let's be honest here, everyone, and I mean everyone loves that song really, so that's quite ok.

The Helsinki Bus Station Theory is a fresh, enjoyable pop meets post punk clash that's clever enough to display its influences while still standing on its own feet and sounding fresh. After many years and many guises, it's great that Mildred's Dairy have managed to release what will hopefully be the first of their albums. It's definitely one to check out.

The Helsinki Bus Station Theory is released on 30 April and will be available from all good records stores. There are a few cd's in Glasgow's superb Love Music as you read this. The band are also having a launch gig at Nice 'N' Sleazy on 30 April - tickets here

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