Wednesday 29 January 2014


Another day, another great new Glasgow music scene discovery. During one of my many bored hours at work yesterday I was looking through Twitter and read about Over The Wall who proclaim themselves "A Pop band from Glasgow." That's clearly good enough for me. As ever I'm coming to the band late as they've recently played an ep release show at the Glad Cafe round the corner from me AND played at the Mogwai CCA show which I forgot to get tickets for. To make up for it I made a quick trip to their Bandcamp page (click me) and I'd grabbed the Over The Wall ep which really is something you must hear.

The e.p. kicks off with the brilliant Radiator, the stand out track here. With its mix of almost lo-fi electronics and guitar and strong pop melodies the track is a joy. The lyrics are superb too. Leave Gaps and Forget takes the pace down a notch or two but really grabs the attention and again features some beautiful lyrics. Track 3 is Cast Your Stone sweeps along on a bed of acoustic guitar and one of those piano lines that you will not be able to remove from your head before we end on Action Man with its' brazen attempt at an R&B or even Gospel feel in the main verses (or at least that's what I'm hearing). A brilliant end to a brilliant ep

After hearing this I've already gone to the band's Facebook page and bought more of their back catalogue which I can't wait to get into. Listen to this ep and you'll do the same.

Over The Wall - Twitter Facebook Bandcamp

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