Thursday, 29 May 2014


Once again, let me draw your attention to the fantastic Breathing In Fumes podcast, the only Depeche Mode podcast you'll need. Each episode host Glen Hammarstrom (Glen_101 on Twitter) puts together a show made up of rare Depeche tracks, live tracks, remixes and much more. It's 100% free to get so there is no reason not to go and get it now. As you'll see it features two support acts from legendary DM shows - OMD from the Rose Bowl and Electronic from Dodgers' Stadium in 1990. Very cool.  Links below

Tracklist for BIF 15
Interview from 120 Minutes, Crystal Palace 1993
I Feel You (Live from Crystal Palace 31/7/93)
Black Celebration (Live Birmingham NEC 10/4/86)
Artisan News - The Remixes 81-11
Personal Jesus (Alex Metric Remix)
Suffer Well (M83 Remix)
Interview - Dave loves Porsche
Nothing's Impossible (Demo)
Heaven (Justin Warfield Remix)
Dave Gahan - Bottle Living (Machine Head Lyric Remix)
OMD - Secret (Live Rose Bowl, Pasadena CA - 18/6/88)
Electronic - Patience Of A Saint (Live Los Angeles CA 5/8/90)

Breathing In Fumes Twitter

I should also add that Glen has started a Breathing in Fumes blog that will contain all manner of Depeche related stuff. It is, of course, well worth a read. Well, once you've read my blog anyway ;)

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