Thursday 29 May 2014


Once again, let me draw your attention to the fantastic Breathing In Fumes podcast, the only Depeche Mode podcast you'll need. Each episode host Glen Hammarstrom (Glen_101 on Twitter) puts together a show made up of rare Depeche tracks, live tracks, remixes and much more. It's 100% free to get so there is no reason not to go and get it now. As you'll see it features two support acts from legendary DM shows - OMD from the Rose Bowl and Electronic from Dodgers' Stadium in 1990. Very cool.  Links below

Tracklist for BIF 15
Interview from 120 Minutes, Crystal Palace 1993
I Feel You (Live from Crystal Palace 31/7/93)
Black Celebration (Live Birmingham NEC 10/4/86)
Artisan News - The Remixes 81-11
Personal Jesus (Alex Metric Remix)
Suffer Well (M83 Remix)
Interview - Dave loves Porsche
Nothing's Impossible (Demo)
Heaven (Justin Warfield Remix)
Dave Gahan - Bottle Living (Machine Head Lyric Remix)
OMD - Secret (Live Rose Bowl, Pasadena CA - 18/6/88)
Electronic - Patience Of A Saint (Live Los Angeles CA 5/8/90)

Breathing In Fumes Twitter

I should also add that Glen has started a Breathing in Fumes blog that will contain all manner of Depeche related stuff. It is, of course, well worth a read. Well, once you've read my blog anyway ;)

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