Sunday 11 October 2015


Oxford's Death Of Hi Fi have returned with a new single Swim Away, their first to feature new member and vocalist Lucy Cropper. The single sees the band show a softer, more melodic side to their sound with a mix of reverb laden guitars, their trademark beats and electronics and Lucy's vocals producing one of their best tracks yet. As the lyrics suggest, the song has a floaty, almost dreamlike feel - indeed it verges on a dreampop feel in places which is a new direction for the band. 

The single comes with a remix of Swim Away called The Truck Mix which is a really cool take on the track which tweaks rather than overhauls it to impressive effect. One of the band's earlier tracks Lazarus also features on the release. 

Swim Away is available now. To get your hands on it, head to the band's Bandcamp page ( or ITtunes and all other digital retailers. 

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