Wednesday 17 February 2016


Ahead of their second album Old Indifference, Friends In America have released a new e.p. called Be In Love.  I've been waiting for this for quite a while as I loved, and still love, their debut release What It Is To Be from 2013 and, pleasingly,  Be In Love is a wonderful release and something of a leap forward for the band. Lead track Bad Pint is as good a track as you'll hear this year. It brings to mind Frightened Rabbit mixed with Talking Heads which I admit sounds odd, but it really works. To my ears, there's a distinct sense of early R.E.M. too. Comparisons are a but pointless though as Bad Pint firmly stands on its own feet. Its mix of wonderous melodies with quite fantastic lyrics that speak of finally having to accept that one day we all become adults - I'm still not quite there yet. Have a look at the lyric video below for the song n its full glory

Bad Pint then leads into the equally superb Souvenir which, like the lead track is further evidence that Friends In America are onto something special. Like Bad Pint, it is nostalgic in tone, almost a downbeat continuation of that song's lyrical themes The third track, You Are is a dark sounding tale of love and loss, filled with noisy, clanging guitar lines and, once again, it's simply a great song.

The e.p. then concludes with two covers. Firstly, there is the band's take on Joanna Newsom's Peach Plum Pear which is really cool and, following that, a version of Grow Old With You from The Wedding Singer, with that song's lyrics a nice conclusion to them themes of the band's earlier self penned tracks.

Ultimately, Be In Love is an excellent bridge between What It Is To Be and Old Indifference and it certainly builds the anticipation for the band's forthcoming album. Definitely an e.p. to check out and you can do so at the band's Bandcamp page where it's available free or for whatever price you fancy paying

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