Tuesday 3 May 2016


Last year's winners of this blog's Album Of The Year title Priest kick off their 2016 campaign with a cover of Magnets by Disclosure featuring Lorde. The track has been given the full Priest treatment, and they've pulled off the trick of making the song sound like one of their own which, if you ask me, is the key to producing a successful cover version.

I'm biased obviously as Priest are a band who can do no wrong as far I'm concerned, but bias aside, Magnets shows them the their finest. Their knack of producing synthpop gems remains impressive and it's a sure sign that the music they have planned for this year is going to more than live up to their wonderful self titled debut. Treat it as a taster of what's to come or, if you're new to Priest, treat it as a sign you need to delve into their back catalogue. Either way, just enjoy Magnets. Listen below and download the track free of charge from the link on YouTube.

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