Wednesday 29 March 2023



Picture courtesy of Depeche Mode Classic Photos & Videos Facebook Group

This review is by Jenn Corker Rozany. Due to my hapless admin, I had arranged for Jenn to do this and then posted in the blog FB group saying I was still looking for a reviewer. Jenn very politely reminded me that I'd forgotten something and I was able to escape from my mistake, dignity almost intact. Anyway, all that sorted out, here is Jenn's great review of what sounded like a wonderful show. Thanks Jenn - see you in Berlin.

Non-spoiler bit:

The Jerkie Crew landed in LA on Sunday, comprised of myself, my husband Scott, and his best friend Marc. See, 2022 was a really tough year for these even tougher New Yorkers. Scott suffered a medical emergency that kept him in the hospital for 7 weeks and recovering for months afterwards, and Marc had a nasty bout with lymphoma and weeks of chemotherapy. I had to take time off of work to help Scott rehab at home. 

Scott was in the ICU when Andy died, and it wasn’t until a few weeks later, when he was well enough to begin scrolling social media, that I let him know the sad news. Mostly because I didn’t want him to find out from an errant post. It truly felt like a old friend had passed. The news hit hard, as Scott was struggling with his own mortality, and we wondered if the band would continue. 

So when these shows were announced, we were excited and decided to go all-out and attend as many as we could afford (LA, Vegas, NYC, Berlin, NYC again and Chicago)! We’re long-time fans, having attended almost every tour since World Violation. Scott and I met because of the band. Our DM love runs deep.

Picture courtesy of Depeche Mode Classic Photos & Videos Facebook Group

The spoiler bit:

I’m not someone who actively avoids spoilers, so going into the LA show I already knew some of what to expect. Tonight in LA, Dave’s voice was in good shape, sounding strong and clear - however, during Precious, he struggled to hit those high notes. I wonder if Precious will stay in the rotation past the next few shows. 

It’s No Good brought us a video of a man walking donkeys on a gorgeous tropical beach, scooping up sand, and walking the donkeys away again. While I didn’t really get the point of the video (Oh, Anton, you minx!), it was interesting to watch. 

Sister of Night performed with full band was just :chef’s kiss:. While Martin has sung it solo during his acoustic sets, the full band version just fills out its atmospheric quality, and it was the highlight of my night, to be sure. 

I have to say I’m a little disappointed that they are playing the set list so safe, with arrangements borrowed from prior tours. While In Your Room is my absolute favourite song (hell, I even have a tattoo dedicated to it!), they featured it in a gorgeous video featuring two dancers last tour. I wouldn’t have minded Mercy In You or heck, Higher Love

Picture courtesy of Depeche Mode Classic Photos & Videos Facebook Group

The one surprise of the night was switching out a beautifully stripped down version of Condemnation in the place of Waiting For the Night. Dave said, when he looked out, that the cell phone lights were “like when lighters were a thing”. 

And finally, Andy. While we often joked about his love of bananas, his clapping, and his questionable keyboard skills, he offered a bit of comic relief for us fans, and we loved him for it. I thought the video tribute during World In My Eyes was lovely, and that Dave sang the song by staying still and letting Andy be the centre of attention. 

I know I’m probably more obsessive than your average fan, who probably thought the show was amazing (it was), but I thought they could have maybe chosen a few deeper cuts, dropped Just Can't Get Enough and ended triumphantly as they did on Never Let Me Down Again. This is because at the end of Just Can't Get Enough, Dave led the fans in a reprise of the chorus, which didn’t get the reaction I suppose he hoped for, as fans caught on that they were supposed to sing, Dave said “Oh, now you want to sing?” and the lights went out. It was a bit awkward for such an otherwise polished show. 

To sum up, we needed these shows, like a victory lap. I imagine Dave and Martin needed these shows as well, to celebrate who and what Depeche Mode is with us. Come say hi if you’re going to be in Vegas or NYC!

Thanks Jenn!


  1. ty yeah they only sing in europe - thoughts for your more serious issues and all the best to you

  2. Really enjoyed your review of the Vegas show. Glad your crew can enjoy so many shows. Cheers! Here's to the next one in NY 😃 we'll be there too.