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For this review we welcome back Stephanie Crone. Stephanie reviewed gigs for the Global Spirit Tour Project and I was delighted when she signed up for this new adventure. As you will see, she had a wonderful time at the San Antonio show. Thanks very much for this great review Stephanie and thank you for the wonderful videos and photos.

Let me begin by saying I am still on a high and on cloud-freaking-nine, now three days after the show in San Antonio. It was spectacular.

Upon entering the venue we could hear what I thought was a sound check going on – it definitely sounded like they were playing and curtains were closed tight, staff ushering us all away. But a friend told me during a stage tour he was told that sound engineers use recorded tracks to get sound equipment just right.

The evening began in the VIP room, with amazing pieces of DM history on display (apparently they are bringing this to every show, it was in Sacramento where we also had VIP). Many friendly faces in the VIP area! We visited, took photos, had some appetizers and overall just got very excited for what was to come! (Mart looks like he does NOT approve! ha!)

Luckily this was my fourth show this leg, I attended the opener in Sacramento, followed by San Jose and Las Vegas, then rounded my first leg of DM adventures out in San Antonio with a seat in the second row, Martin side, of course.

From the get-go with My Cosmos Is Mine then Wagging Tongue, it was apparent the boys had started to find their flow after getting used to being on stage again. Sacramento, although amazing, was a bit stiff, each show got better but now they are getting back on their game. The energy coming from the crowd was palpable, Texas Devotees are not messing around!

When the lights were cut the crowd rose up and cheered with anticipation as the intro to My Cosmos Is Mine pulsated from the speakers.

The crowd seemed to receive the new songs well, the album being so new many fans had not had much time to properly absorb (I am not part of those many, absorption complete by now). The fact that Mart and Dave (RIP Fletch) were sharing a stage yet again after years of anticipation, wondering if they would ever tour again, seemed to whirl collectively in the minds of the concert-goers that evening. Everyone stood back and appreciated what they were witnessing.

Next up, Walking In My Shoes. Forever a devotee favourite. Naturally, Dave sauntered over to show us his perfectly polished boots. Not much more to add, brilliant. 

It’s No Good – definite evidence that the boys are still on the very start of their tour and getting used to singing for huge crowds on the regular. Some pitch issues from Dave but do I care? Nope. All wrapped up with a bum wiggle.

And now…big sigh…..Sister Of Night. A classic for any proper devotee. I had heard Mart do this in Hollywood for the Global Spirit tour but hearing the full production with Dave’s vocals, bliss. Although, once again, we hear the pitch issues. He is obviously not used to belting out this tune (yet) but it is still breathtaking (although I can hear some idiots chit chatting away in the background, why are you here???)

Up next… In Your Room. Another favourite, although this seemed to be completely 100% resurrected from the Global Spirit tour. Same remix, same everything except the backing video. I do wish the boys would change it up a bit, there are a plethora of amazing and well-known songs to choose from so I do not understand. Nothing remarkable to add regarding this one. 

And now… my personal favourite… Everything Counts. Again, this was pretty much a re-do of the Global Spirit tour’s performance, but this one always gets me going. Mart on the keys is the best. The new backing video seemed to breathe new life (get it?) into the performance. Towards the end of the song, as most of the audience was focused on Dave doing his thing on the catwalk, I sat in front of Mart in row 2, pointing to him while chanting “Everything Counts in Large Amounts!!!” and making heart signs as I danced (okay I was screaming too, what’s a Gore girl to do?). The huge smiles he flashed my way melted my cold heart like nothing ever could again, probably. This might be my most treasured DM concert moment ever, right behind getting to meet the band in 2017 (so lucky I got to meet Fletch!).

I am thrilled to have Precious showing up on the set list this tour. It is an amazing song and I think it is really spectacular live. It was followed by Speak To Me, the third song from Memento Mori that was played tonight. Once again, the audience seemed engaged and quietly listened. 

And now, it is all about Martin. Swoon. A Question of Lust did NOT disappoint (I mean, how could it?). It was followed by the fourth song of the evening from Memento Mori, Soul With Me.  An instant classic - that voice though! 

Dave returned to the stage next and the boys performed yet another new song, the first single from Memento Mori, Ghosts Again. The audience all seemed familiar with this new tune and everyone was up and dancing. I did not snap any pictures or video of this one, must have just been taking it all in <3 

Another duplicate from the Global Spirit tour followed - I Feel You. Again, I do wish they would mix things up and play some other songs but this one is always a banger and it rocks my socks off live. 

They moved right along into A Pain That I’m Used To. Another high energy performance that did not disappoint. I rocked out. 

And now for some real emotions. World In My Eyes. Always one of my favorites and now has a deeper meaning. I held my heart as I listened and watched the boys serenade the crowd while honouring our Blesser of Devotees, Andrew Fletcher. The performance was definitely on the solemn side. Dave pausing and looking back at the screen when he would usually be preening along the stage at that point in the song. Tears were shed. Fletch you are sorely missed.

After World In My Eyes came Wrong. I adore this song and once again was taking it all in (no pics or videos of this one). I love that they are doing this one live, it is different and not as popular as some of the other choices. My favorite part is where Mart sings “too lonnnnnnnnnng”. Good stuff.

Now, back to business. Stripped. As anticipated the first notes of this song grabbed everyone’s attention and the masses were singing along. At one point Dave came over and pointed the mic to a girl in the row in front of me, she shook her head “no”! I was laughing. He stayed there anyway and I belted it out as best I could. Next up - John the Revelator. I am not sure if I had ever heard this song played live before this tour. I have always enjoyed this song. I am still trying to decide if I like the live version, but I will forever enjoy watching Mart play his star guitar and Dave’s hootin’ and hollerin’.

And now… we have arrived at Enjoy the Silence. I kind of lost it during this song, so emotional. Knowing that when it plays we are coming near the end of the show and it had just been so many years of anticipation, I did not want it to end. I sang and cried and cheered. Then cried some more and hugged my friends. Told them I was soooo fucking happy. Towards the end when Dave introduces Mart, with his drawn out “Martin…..L…… Gooooooooooooooooore”, he had made his way back over to our area and pointed the mic towards me shouting Gooooooreeee :) I did not get any pictures of this but will remember forever.

Encore time……….

I had seen some shows were getting Condemnation, others Waiting For The Night. All three shows I had seen previously were the latter so I was hoping for Condemnation, but I will take whatever these guys are handing out. Once again, no pics or video (they were behind me so…). You could absolutely hear a pin drop in that arena, such stunning harmonizing. Dave bungled the lyrics at one point but it was just a testament to the fact that Dave is human and forgets shit sometimes haha. Bows and hugs between Mart and Dave at the end and of course roaring applause. I love these guys.

Never ever thought I would hear the boys play this live - Just Can’t Get Enough. At first I was a little disappointed, this is definitely not one of my favorites and I will admittedly skip when this song comes on my playlist rotation. But the crowd went nuts and the boys freaking brought it, it was so much fun.

Now we really know things are coming to an end for the evening, time for Never Let Me Down Again. Words are very unnecessary, if you are reading this you know what’s up.

As always the show was rounded out with Personal Jesus. When I hear this song it always brings me back to the feeling of “oh no the show is almost over and that is it”. It is a strange feeling haha. Another remarkable performance from our boys. I never wanted it to end, but it did and the smile on my face has not faded yet.

And that’s a wrap. I have told friends I wish I could just permanently live in this experience. My devotee heart is so full and I cannot wait until I get to see them again this Summer and later this Fall. Depeche Mode forever and ever and ever!


Thanks Stephanie! 

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