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We're back. The next and possibly final leg of the Memento Mori tour kicked off in London last night. Paul Jones was there and this is his review. Photos are his unless otherwise credited. Thanks very much indeed Paul.

I am writing this as a very tired Depeche Mode fan on the train home back to Wales. The O2 Arena in London hosted the first show of the new European leg and what many fans believe to be the last leg of the Memento Mori World Tour.

I have to admit, for the four shows I attended last year, I didn’t know early entry existed until after I bought all my tickets in October 2022. So for this new leg I was set on getting early entry tickets for a number of shows. I grabbed an early entry ticket for this show in the O2 Priority pre-sale back in July 2023.

I had already attended an arena show on this tour. The first show of the first European leg back in May 2023 in Amsterdam at the Ziggo Dome. For me, arena shows and stadium shows both have their perks. Stadium shows are great because it’s such a huge event. In Berlin last year I was one of 71,000 Depeche Mode fans at the Olympiastadion. The downsides of stadiums are it can be absolutely boiling hot or chucking it down with rain, you can be quite far away from the band and acoustics can be hit and miss. Arenas are a much more intimate experience, you are a lot closer to the band.

I’ve been to the O2 Arena in London 3 times before but never for Depeche Mode.

I was curious what sort of fan-run queue would be in place for the early entry ticket holders so I headed over to the venue at around 13:30 on show day.

Of course, when arriving at North Greenwich Underground Station, you’ll see the sign that the station staff write for every band/artist that is performing at the O2 Arena.

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Entrance F was the gate for all the early entry ticket holders. On arrival I was greeted by a line of hardcore fans. I was told by those running the line there weren’t many fans from the UK in the line at that point and that I was probably the youngest in the queue at that time - I’m only 25… not even born when Ultra came out!

I got my number - number 95. That’s not the highest or lowest number I’ve had whenever I’ve queued early for a band but I thought that wasn’t a bad number for a queue that started the day before. The line was pretty relaxed, this wasn’t a hardcore queue where you had to stay. You could come and go to get food, drinks, bathroom breaks, general breaks. Be back for 16:30 though for the early entry check-in.

The last time I queued like this for a band was for U2 back in 2018 on their eXPERIENCE + iNNOCENCE Tour. So you could say I’m out of practice. One of the best things about queueing is meeting lots of different people and of course catching up with fans you haven’t seen in a while.

Early entry was smooth albeit a little late. I think it was 18:20 when we all went in. It’s always exciting entering the GA floor. As usual “Walk don’t run!” the security staff all say to us. So a very fast walk it is, for the first part at least! Overtake quite a few people in front of me by walking very fast and I spot a gap on the barrier at the b-stage. Now it’s time to run!

I was really happy with this spot, I thought with being number 95 I would struggle to get a nice b-stage spot on the rail. For me, the b-stage is the best spot on this tour. You get to see the whole main stage with the screen and see the band up close when Martin and Dave come down the catwalk.

Being at the front after being in a queue is a test of endurance, anyone who’s done it will understand what I’m talking about. The things you do for your favourite bands…

The show starts of course with My Cosmos Is Mine. I really like it as an opener. It definitely works better in an arena than outdoors. It needs to be played in the dark.

The first part of the show is really strong to me. Walking In My Shoes is superb this tour with Christian’s drumming. It’s No Good of course is one of my favourites - from my favourite Depeche Mode album.

As debuted on the last leg in North America, Policy Of Truth gets it’s first performance in Europe since 2018. I really like Policy Of Truth but I feel this tour’s version isn’t that strong.

The first surprise of the night to me was Martin performing two acoustic songs! I was kind of disappointed I must admit. Home is one of my favourite Depeche Mode songs and I was really hoping for it to be played. Martin also comes down to the crowd at the end of Home so that would have been perfect. Strangelove was first of two piano songs. I had already heard Strangelove at Berlin 2 last year. It’s OK but I prefer other piano versions of songs like Shake The Disease. The second song being Heaven was a really nice surprise! Of course it had already been performed once before in Los Angeles but Martin’s version is really great. Nice to a Delta Machine song being performed. Spirit song next please!

During the show Anton Corbijn was mulling around in between the stage and the barrier. The first time I saw him walk by I was taken aback. Anton was only using his phone to take photos, just like Amsterdam 1 in May 2023.

I think the second half of the show doesn’t pick up again for me until John The Revelator. I really enjoy that song and the crowd interaction with Dave.

Enjoy The Silence lifts the entire arena and is great as always but my real highlight comes after the encore break.

Condemnation! One of my hopes was fulfilled after my wish for Home being played didn’t happen.

Such a special moment seeing that song being performed right in front of you and then Martin and Dave hugging at the end.

There was a funny moment at the start of Just Can’t Get Enough with Peter coming in very early with one note. He got some laughs from Martin and Dave for that.

Never Let Me Down Again and Personal Jesus to end the show always makes the whole audience happy and ends the show on a high.

Birmingham next although I’ll have to take it easier than London, I’m very tired after it but it was worth it for sure.

See you next time!!


Thanks Paul.


  1. Great review Paul. I thought Peter had got it wrong. I’m 60 now with a bit of a bad back so can only dream of getting that early to a DM show 😀

  2. Hello D. Many thanks for your great Review. All the best from Germany J.

  3. 25! I am so happy that younger fans love DM & this is a really cracking write up. I was waaay above you and it looked fabulous down the front. Thank you for turning this round so fast, my gig high will last a bit longer 🙌