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This review comes courtesy of The Dark Outside ( For those who don't know, The Dark Outside is a Scottish label and radio station that broadcasts from deep in the gorgeous Galloway Forest Park. The link to the label's bandcamp page is at the end of this article - do make sure you check it out. As a native of Dumfries & Galloway, I love the label and I'm delighted that The Dark Outside has provided tis review of Depeche Mode's Copenhagen gig on 10th February. Thank you very much indeed. All photos belong to The Dark Outside.

It's been a while since I last saw Depeche Mode. It was 1988 in Edinburgh. 

So, er, quite a gap.

To make matters worse, it had been 41 years since I first saw them in Glasgow in 1983. 

So, fast forward a bit to 7 months ago ish when the Glasgow tickets were on sale and turns out that there was a clash and dates and planets misaligned. That sort of thing. 

Where else were they playing ? Ooh, Copenhagen. 

The Royal Arena is huge. Spotted a few Dave clones and lots of balding heads ( though, not on the Dave clones ) Nadine Shah is today's support. Really good. 

Despite the Swedish blokes on the same row going to the bar or toilets every few songs It was an enjoyable set ( disclaimer - I wasn't too familiar with Nadine Shah's music although I've rectified that now) 

Pic courtesy of Depeche Mode Classic Photos & Videos

Dave owned the stage, was a wee bit pitchy during some songs, camped it up, wiggled, hammed it up gloriously.

Martin singing Strangelove was a new one on me ( it has been a while ).

Swedish guys really need to drink less. 

Sadly, people talking through gigs seems to be a universal constant. Gits. Visuals were great although I did not have donkeys on my Depeche Mode Bingo Card. 

Thankfully they skipped the songs I really did NOT want to hear ( looking at you The Meaning of Love and It's Called A Heart ). 

Will not be leaving it so long next time.


Thanks very much to The Dark Outside. Go and visit the Bandcamp page -

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