Wednesday 6 May 2015


Some Swedish Depeche Mode fans recently put together a film called A Film Of Faith And Devotion which features interviews with a number of Swedish Depeche fans who show off their rather superb DM collections. Even for someone like me who has collected quite a bit of Depeche Mode merchandise ( I recently mistakenly bought a second copy of the limited edition German cd of World In My Eyes for example) there is lots to see and add to the want list in this film. As ever, Martin Serenstrand leads the way with what must be one of the biggest Depeche collections on the go.

Here's the film with English subtitles if that's your native tongue. If they don't work, look for them in the settings section. It's well worth a look for any Depeche Mode fan. Who knows - it may inspire you to start collecting. Enjoy!

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