Monday 25 January 2016


What is it with Canada at the moment? There is so much good music pouring out of that country that it's getting increasingly hard to take it all in. Meter Bridge are a synthpop duo from Nelson, Canada and their new single It Was Nothing is a wonderful mix of dark electronics and crisp Kraftwerk like beeps and bleeps. Written about a public figure spreading lies to make money, It Was Nothing is an intriguing track with more than enough to satisfy anyone whose ears prick up at the mention of electronic pop. 

As if all that wasn't enough, the single comes with a remix of It Was Nothing by blog chum Rodney Cromwell which, as you'd expect, is a triumph. Similar in sound and feel to last year's epic Age Of Anxiety, Cromwell's remix of It Was Nothing is an synthpop masterclass.

Two tracks, both wonderful examples of electronic music at its finest. What's not to love about that? Listen below then go and buy it

It Was Nothing is released on 6 February via WEATNU Records

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