Thursday 27 July 2017


Well that's been an interesting few months. 

When I first had the idea of getting together reviews for every gig on the tour, I somehow thought that would be straightforward as, at the time of thinking it, the Global Spirit Tour Project (hereafter referred to as the Project as you would not believe how bored I am of typing that phrase) didn't exist. Once I posted the blog idea in April, it became very real and I wondered what I had done. At the point, all we had were the 1st leg gigs...and then they announced more. And more. And more again. Bloody hell.

Thankfully, so many people wanted to take part that I actually had to refuse a few folk which I felt bad about. The fact that all of you wanted to give up your time to essentially do my job for me was incredible and I owe you all big time. The purpose of this post is to say thank you. 

Writers wise then, thanks a million to: Kevin May, Linda Meijer, Carsten Drees, Nikola Pokupec, Panos Sialakas, Rachel Blackman, Conkan Larsson, Daniel Cassus, Jane Cotton, Martin Sernestrand, Stuart Cowan, Michael Lyons, Paul Embleton, Stephen Lawson, Amanda Stock, Lynsey Halliday, Dave Dunton, David Cartwright, Bev Maxey, Tim Sowdon, Alex Ferguson, Robbie Sargent, Niggels Uhlenbruch, Jan Cvengros, Nikolay Sabev, Dan Turner, Chris Snoddon, Ana Soto, Mike Cooper, Mark Henderson, Brian Christopher, Yvette Trubuil, Polina Lipezina, Mariah Perezhogina, Natalie Gladkaya and Peter Fenn for all their wonderful contributions.

A special thanks too to Nastia Enavigo who was all set to write about Minsk before the gig was sadly cancelled. Let's hope it's rescheduled so that Nastia gets her turn.

Thanks also to everyone I've met on the first leg, starting with the warm up at the Barrowlands, as it's been so cool to put faces to internet names. It's also been amazing to have people come up and say hello when they recognise the blog logo on the t-shirt. No-one's attacked me yet so I guess it's all going ok. Come and say hi in Dublin, Manchester, Paris and Amsterdam too.

So that's that for the first leg of both the tour and the Project. I'll be back in August and I hope you will be too. There are still a few vacancies for the remaining tour dates, so if you fancy writing a review get in touch. At the end of the tour, ten reviewers will be drawn at random and they will receive and exclusive blog t-shirt. If that doesn't tempt you I don't know what will. 

See you in August. Until then, here are all the reviews. Bye!

May 5 Stockholm - Me

May 7 - Amsterdam - Kevin May

May 9 - Antwerp - Linda Meijer

May 12- Nice - Carsten Drees

May 14 - Lubljana - Nikola Pokupec

May 17 - Athens - Panos Sialakas

May 20 - Bratislava - Rachel Blackman

May 22 - Budapest - Rachel Blackman

May 24 - Prague - Conkan Larsson

May 27 - Leipzig - Daniel Cassus

May 29 - Lille - Jane Cotton

May 31 - Copenhagen - Martin Sernestrand

June 3 - London - Part 1 by me, Part 2 by the fans
Part 1 -
Part 2 -

June 5 - Cologne - Alex Ferguson

June 7 - Dresden - Daniel Cassus

June 9 - Munich - Robbie Sargent

June 11 - Hannover - Niggels Uhlenbruch
June 12 - Hannover - Niggels Uhlenbruch

June 18 - Zurich - Jan Cvengros

June 20 - Frankfurt - Nikolay Sabev

June 22 - Berlin - Dan Turner

June 25 - Rome - Chris Snoddon

June 27 - Milan - Ana Soto

June 29 - Bologna - Mike Cooper

July 1 - Paris - Kevin May

July 4 - Gelsenkirchen - Mark Henderson

July 6 - Bilbao - Brian Christopher

July 8 - Lisbon - Yvette Trubuil

Jule 13 - St Petersburg - Polina Lipezina

July 15 - Moscow - Mariah Perezhogina

July 17 - Minsk - Nastia Enavigo - CANCELLED

July 19 - Kiev - Natalie Gladkaya

July 21 - Warsaw - Ana Soto

July 23 - Cluj - Peter Fenn

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