Friday 20 July 2018


For part 2 of the Paleo festival review. we welcome Michael Pinzon for his first solo review. Michael has featured before when he co-wrote the Hamburg review with Claudia Schulzi and Thomas Ostermann so it's great to have him back again with this excellent review. Thank you very much for this Michael and for the pictures too. 

After Zurich on 18.6.17 and St Gallen on 30.6.18, Depeche Mode honours the Swiss for the third time. This time it was at the Paléo Festival, Nyon. 

The Paléo Festival Nyon has been in existence since 1976 and is thus the oldest and also the largest open-air festival in Switzerland. 

It will be held for the 43rd time this year. On six days more than 230,000 music fans meet here for over 250 concerts. And Depeche Mode were here before: They inspired the audience during their "Playing The Angel Tour". 

The Swiss fanclub

The journey to Paléo, about 200 km away, was organized by the Swiss Depeche Mode Fanclub ( with a bus trip. In the bus, my wife Dominique and I, along with many other fans, also met Alexandra Fuchs (Red Goth) and her friend Thomas, with whom we enjoyed the whole concert. 

Michael (left)

The special thing about the "Paléo Nyon" is that it's not just about music. There is also a big culinary variety and a new theme is added every year. This year the theme of the festival was Southern Europe. There were a lot of food stands from the Mediterranean. 

After a refreshment and a walk through the many art installations, we soon had to queue up to get a good place for the concert. 

The great thing about the festivals is that after each gig a large part of the audience move to the toilets and food stalls and half the space in front of the stage emptied. Of course we took this chance to stand only 5-10 meters behind the Front Row center stage. I even fought my way to the Front Row to make a selfie with two colleagues who were already there at 10:00 in the morning. 

After only 45 minutes of waiting, Depeche Mode entered at 10:15 p.m. with a loud scream of catch. and started as usual with Going Backwards. Since we were very close, we could see Dave's facial expressions and facial expressions, Martin, Fletch, Gordeno (Jingling-Bernd) and Eigner (Drumming-Clown) very well. 

Everyone was radiating and obviously had a lot of fun at the concert. Dave was powerful as always, fired up the audience, never let them rest. 

The setlist is no longer a secret, the "Global Spirit Tour" which started with 22 tracks has long since become the "Best-Of Tour" with just 15 songs. With Just Can't Get Enough my 35th concert of this tour ended shortly before midnight. 

After a never ending car ride we arrived home at 04:30 o'clock satisfied and tired. Depeche Mode inspired at the "Paléo Festival Nyon".


Thanks you Michael

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