Wednesday 8 February 2023



In 2017, I had an idea. "What if I managed to get a fan to review every one of the first leg gigs for the blog?" I thought. That quickly evolved into trying to cover every gig and it worked - The Global Spirit Tour Project saw every single gig on the tour from Stockholm in May 2017 to Berlin in July 2018 reviewed by fans who kindly gave up their time to help this blog out.

It was a slog though and I swore I wouldn't do it again, partly because I didn't imagine Depeche would tour again, or at least not to any great extent.

Here we are then, nearly five years after Berlin and a new tour is about to start which is of course a wonderful thing. It's going to be strange of course as we'll be seeing Depeche Mode as a duo and we will all be thinking of Andy at every gig.

As soon as the first leg of the tour was announced, I was asked if I was doing a project again and I didn't commit to anything but, in the last couple of days I've cracked and so A Memento is now a thing.

The plan for A Memento is slightly different to The Global Spirit Tour Project. Every single gig on the tour will be reviewed, but this time, reviewers will submit either video or written reviews. Video reviews will be hosted on the Almost Predictable Almost YouTube channel (presuming I can work it) and will also appear here. I will try to include some more detail than last time such as setlist pictures, merchandise images and attendances etc. At the moment though, this is all in the planning stage so don't hold me to that.

I have already lined up a few reviewers and they along with the tour dates they are reviewing will be released soon.

More news about this inevitably bad decision will follow in the next few days.


  1. Hey, if you want me to review Bern, Munich or Berlin 9.7. just let me know. Would be happy to provide you a written article and some pictures. One will be trip for my better half and me, one a family trip and one… call it an experiment.

  2. As of this moment, I have tickets for 15 shows, and likely will add more. Currently going to Sacramento, San Jose, LA, Dublin, London, Munich, Warsaw, Estonia, Helsinki, Oslo, salt lake city, San Diego, San Diego LA, and LA. I would love to participate in any of these reviews.